5 Good Things for the Homeschool Mom

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Sometimes I just want to tell you about wonderful little things I’ve discovered.

Sure, I share quite a bit in my Instagram stories, but I’d like to start putting the things I just HAVE to share with you in a more permanent format.

Some of these goodies will be related to homeschooling, but others will be little luxuries I like for myself. Over the years I’ve discovered that keeping my homeschool running smoothly also entails keeping mama happy (I’m just being honest.)!

I’ve also learned not to feel guilty about desiring these things – or admitting that it’s ok to have my own indulgences. I work hard and I want to enjoy myself when I can.

5 Good Things for the #Homeschool Mom

You know how it goes, though, right? Most often the things I “indulge” in have something to do with my children and benefit them, too!

As we’re coming out of this past year of isolation due to the virus, I feel like it’s been the “little things” that have become big.

I appreciate things so much more; after seeing so many people I love become sick, and after losing my own father to this virus – I’m acutely aware of the importance of taking joy in the ordinary, seemingly “simple” things of life.


You knew this was going to be at the top of my list. It would truly be punishment if you took away my books. In fact, if I don’t get the chance to read at least a little bit each day my mood suffers.

A few months ago a friend asked me if I used Scribd. I had used it a long time ago – but not recently.

I had no idea what I had been missing.

Scribd is essentially audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts, periodicals, and MORE. For my $9.99/month subscription I have had a steady supply of ebooks (I read in bed at night on my iPad) and audiobooks (how else does one get their laundry and chores accomplished?).

I’m reading for pleasure, but I’m also investigating a lot of books for our school year next year because they are literally right at my fingertips. This has been one of the best educational investments we’ve made in the past year.

You can try it for 30 days free if you’d like by clicking here. I promise – it’s marvelous.

And — here are the five best things I have read/listening to on Scribd in the past few months;

  • Perennials, by Julie Cantrell

  • 🎧 Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling (Middle Grades)

  • The Eliot Family Trilogy, by Elizabeth Goudge

  • 🎧 A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L’Engle

  • 🎧 Jane of Lantern Hill by LM Montgomery

You can share the subscription with your kids, too. There are so many good middle-grade books on Scribd – I’ve been particularly impressed with that!


Yes, that’s correct. Waffles.

Mother’s Day was a joyous day in my house because I had waffles for lunch AND dinner! My husband surprised with a Stuffler. This stuffed waffle maker is the best thing we’ve gotten for the kitchen in a LONG TIME. Not only does it make the most yummy stuffed waffles, but it is also super easy to use and makes basically NO mess.

On Mother’s Day, my husband made Cream Cheese Blueberry Stuffed Waffles for lunch and then Reuben Stuffed Waffles for dinner.

This morning we had sausage, egg, and cheese stuffed waffles.

You could teach your children to use this waffle maker – then you too can have all kinds of wonderful meals. Cooking is a life skill we want to teach our kids, right? Get yourself a Stuffler!

Pretty Nails

I really enjoy having my nails look nice. Once the virus hit I wasn’t going to the nail salon anymore, but I was getting despondent every time I would look down at my ugly nails. (I know. Shallow, right?).

But really, looking and feeling good is important for a homeschool mom. We give so much of ourselves every single day, that’s it feels good to just LOOK NICE.

Well, I had no idea these little things called GEL STRIPS existed – they are essentially gel stickers for your nails that really WORK. I am kind of obsessed with them now and am always looking at Ulta and TJ Maxx to see what the latest patterns are. For a fraction of what it costs to get your nails done you can use these fun little strips on your own at home!

I know there are people that sell these same strips – Color Street. I tried those and didn’t like them nearly as well as the ones I just find at Target, Ulta, etc… The brand I like is Dashing Diva, and you can even find them on Amazon.

Better Sleep

Sleep is a non-negotiable for me — and I cannot survive on 5 or 6 hours. It has to be 8. I’ve learned this about myself the older I get, and people in my house have just had to accommodate.

Another lovely byproduct of age is that sleep seems to be more difficult. I’ve found, however, a couple of things that really help me with sleep.

  • Magnesium Lotion – I rub this on my neck and calves before I go to bed and it truly relaxes me. Best thing? This lotion is made by a homeschool family!

  • Sleep Spray – Using this lavender sleep spray helps me fall asleep.


The speed of technological change makes it hard to keep up with all of the opportunities available to homeschoolers. When my own children were small we used a lot of YouTube videos, but online classes weren’t nearly as popular or numerous as they are now.

Every time I teach a SQUILT LIVE! lesson I think how wonderful it would have been for my own children to have these opportunities to learn about certain subjects from experts who make it interesting and fun.

These are five of my favorite opportunities right now:

Those are the five things for this installment – like I said, it’s the little things that can be big!

Do you have a favorite thing right now?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

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