Cheap Classroom Storage Solutions

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I admit it!  I am cheap.  I love to buy things for my classroom but hate spending money.  

That’s why the Dollar Tree is my favorite place ever!  Today I want to share some of my favorite and CHEAP classroom storage solutions!

Today I want to share some of my favorite and CHEAP classroom storage solutions! #classroomorganization #classroomstorage

Clipboards are a fabulous tool for the classroom but storing them can be tricky.  

I found these perfect boxes at the Dollar Tree for $1.  I have two of these and they hold all 20 of my clipboards with ease.  

I love that they don’t tip over and we can just slide our boards in and out!

These pencil bags came from Michael’s during Back To School and cost around $2 for a set of 6.  I use these for our seasonal or theme math counters.  They are durable and cheap!  The students grab a bag with their math center and get to work!

These little cubes are another favorite!  These are .98 cents at Wal-Mart.  

The cashiers were not happy when I rolled up with my cart loaded with these!  

These will hold about 20-25 counters or manipulatives which is perfect for working with ten frames, addition or any math center that practices counting to 20.  

The lids lock on so there’s no spills and they stack neatly!

Of course, like any decent teacher, I love baskets.  The Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Deals, and Five Below are great places to find cheap and colorful baskets.

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We store everything in baskets.  Papers, centers, supplies, junk!  You name it…it can go in baskets.  

My favorite way to use baskets is to organize our Walk, Read, Write (Add, Subtract, Count) The Room activities.  Baskets can make color coding and differentiating so easy!  

Stock up on baskets in colors that match your groups and BAM!  differentiation done easy and cheap!

And finally, one of my favorites!  The famous teacher toolkit!  

Except, I didn’t make a teacher toolkit, I made a math manipulative storage solution!  

This cost me about $12 with the container (Lowe’s) and paint.  

Each drawer contains different manipulatives.  When a student needs a manipulative, they grab a drawer and take it to wherever they are working.  

When they finish they simply return it.  This is such a time saver and keeps those manipulatives so organized!  

I highly recommend this!  In fact, I’ll be doing another one this summer!

I hope you found a cheap storage solution you can use!

Mr. Greg
The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

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