Continuing Education for the Homeschool Mom

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The homeschooling mom is ALWAYS learning.

Not only are we learning at a break-neck pace to follow our child, we’re also trying to stay abreast of methods, philosophies, child development, and more.

There are “tried and true” resources, and then there are also new resources being published constantly.

It can all be overwhelming – to the point of debilitating. Too many choices = too much confusion.

This post will outline for you how I approach continuing education, and some of my favorite resources. I don’t promise that is an EXHAUSTIVE list of all the latest and greatest (or even all the tried and true), but I DO promise each resource has been used and loved by me throughout our 12 year journey in home education.

I do know this: don’t try to skip this part of your homeschooling life. You owe it to your children to be the very best homeschooling parent you can be!

Continuing Education for the #Homeschool Mom

Continuing Education for the #Homeschool Mom

For me, continuing education has always been the grout of my homeschooling life – it fills in all the cracks. I’m always searching for time in my day when I can learn something new.

Podcasts, books, and in-person connections are the three best ways I’ve learned throughout our homeschooling tenure.

The easiest way for me to do this when my children were little was through podcasts. It’s easy enough to pop in your earbuds while making dinner or folding laundry – (you can leave one earbud out so you can be present if someone needs you)

I don’t have many, but those that I DO listen to I love and listen to faithfully.

Favorite Homeschool (and learning) Podcasts

Simply Charlotte Mason Podcast

Homeschool Conversations with Amy Sloan

Simply Convivial: Pep Talks for Homemakers & Homeschoolers

Homeschooling 365 Podcast

Read Aloud Revival Podcast

It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast

And, if you’re feeling like geeking out a bit and have more time, I recommend these:

The Literary Life Podcast

Classical Stuff You Should Know

Homeschool Books for Continuing Education

At the risk of inundating you with so many books, I’m limiting this to just TEN books.

You may even want to invest in these books (maybe one a month?) and add them to your library. I find them helpful to read during the summer because it always reinvigorates me and helps me remember my WHY.

During my first year of homeschooling I was in a wonderful book study group – facilitated by more experienced homeschooling moms. If you can find something like this, it is such a blessing. If you can’t find one – maybe ask an experience mother you trust if they would like to lead a group?

I’m also always filling up notebooks with what I’ve learned. I will look back at these notebooks for ideas – and taking notes while I am reading really helps cement the ideas for me.

Brainstorm With Your Tribe

For several years I had a trusted group of friends with who I could learn from and share ideas.

We were on the same page for our children and could share what had worked and what hadn’t worked. We could share resources (easing the financial burden). This “in the field” learning is probably the best by far!

Nothing compares to a personal connection – and now that our world seems to be opening up a bit more we can get back to gathering with friends.

A Final Thought About Continuing Education

And – one other important thing: be sure your family knows that you will need time and resources to fulfill your calling as a homeschooling mother.

This might mean a weekend away on a retreat with friends. It might look like dad taking over dinner time and bedtime routine once a week so mom can escape to a coffee shop to read.

It might mean the kids watch a movie once a week during school time while you sit down to read or listen to a podcast.

This time for continuing education is important, but YOU are the only one who can make it happen. Train your people!

What has been your most successful way to keep learning as a homeschooling mom?

Do you have a book, podcast – or something else you’d like to share?

Leave it in the comments below!

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