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Being stuck indoors might feel like a bummer, but if you’ve got the time and patience, a moment spent indoors presents the perfect opportunity to master fun, new skills. Whether you’re hoping to use free online workout classes to become a future trainer or you’re following online cooking courses in hopes of becoming the next Food Network star, here are skills you can learn without leaving your home.

A new language

  • According to the Dana Foundation, an organization dedicated to neuroscience research, knowing a second language has been shown to improve memory, enhance conflict management skills and increase the ability to multitask.

  • So pull out those old college notes, download an app or purchase an online course and learn a language you love. And when you have some downtime, immerse yourself in the language with a foreign film or music.

  • well, I m learning Korean through

  • why not give it a try?

How to play an instrument

  • Thanks to online classes and free lessons on apps like YouTube, you can learn to play your favorite songs from the comfort of your home.

  • Lessons are available for beginner to intermediate players, so dust off that instrument in your garage and get to playing.


  • Computer programming is one of the highest-paying jobs that doesn’t require a Bachelor’s degree.

  • So even if you didn’t go to college for computer science, you can still take advantage of this trade in the job world. Begin by choosing a computer language you’d like to learn, like HTML or CSS, and enroll in online courses or order a few books to get started.

  • well, it’s fun. BTW i used to learn coding


  • A game of chess challenges you to put your mind to the test and rely on problem-solving skills.

  • Playing chess has also been proven to decrease the risk of dementia.


  • To learn origami — the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes — all you’ll need is paper.

  • Clean out your office and use old printing paper or find old documents in the kitchen drawer you never think to clean out and get started.


  • You don’t need to be near a majestic mountain or hiking in a national park to take magazine-worthy photos.

  • You can become a photographer by capturing nature in your front and backyard.

  • If you’re living with family, have them strike a pose so you can capture a few priceless moments, and if you live on your own, try setting an automatic timer and taking photos of yourself.



  • Use a classic dip pen or brush pen and learn to create beautiful handwriting by mastering calligraphy.

  • Just one look at the gorgeous print and you’ll want to leave your cellphone in the dust in favor of handwritten letters.


  • Ornithology, or the study of birds, can be done from your front porch or your backyard.

  • Snag a pair of binoculars and discover the birds that flock in your trees and bushes.

  • You’ll be the talk of the house when you can point at a flying bird and identify its name and origins.


  • Whether you choose fiction, poetry or nonfiction as your genre of choice, writing is a fun skill anyone can pick up if they have a computer or pen and paper.

  • And if you fall in love with the craft, freelancing for magazines or submitting your work to online competitions is a side job that can earn you extra cash.

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