Morning Checklist Printable

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Morning Checklist Printables

One of my big fears about homeschooling this year is that we will all be unmotivated and still in our pajamas at noon.  While that might work for some families, we simply don’t function well without some structure (as the last five months can attest to).  I am not a morning person, so getting up and going in the mornings is a challenge for me.  Thankfully, my kids are more “morning people” than I am so the hardest part this year might be getting myself motivated!  Nevertheless, I created these morning checklist printables for each child.  They will be set out every evening and must be manually checked off  before we start school at 8:30 or they will not be allowed to have any screen time once their school work is complete.

I can’t tell you how many checklists similar to this one I have printed over the years.  I am not naive enough to pretend this will be the answer to all our morning issues.  BUT I do think this will help everyone know what is expected of them prior to starting the school day and the manual crossing off will hopefully add a little more incentive to actually completing each task!

There are three different style options.  Just print the one you like best!  I put them each inside a dry erase pocket purchased at the Dollar Spot at Target.

Now please excuse me while I go make MYSELF a morning list printable.  I think I might need it more than anyone!  😂

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