Short U CVC Board Game

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Teaching your children to read short vowels is a key goal that they will need to learn in kindergarten and first grade. This short vowel phonics game is a helpful no prep activity that teaches kids to learn to read short /u/ words fluently. You can use the short U CVC board game in preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade classrooms depending on your kids’ readiness for the skill.

This post is part of a series of similar phonics board games for short vowel CVC words. Once your kids know how to play the game, they can enjoy playing variations of the game! This is a great way to save time teaching how to play and allow your kids more time to practice their skills.


This game requires no prep or setup, so you can start playing right away! 

The only materials needed to play this game are the printed game boards and your game pawns of choice. You can create your own DIY game pawns using mini erasers, counting bears, or other small toys. You can also grab an inexpensive set of game pawns to have on hand if you prefer.

Short U CVC Game Free Printable Contents


The game can be played independently or with a partner.

Place the game pawns of your choice at the start for each player that will be playing this game.

On their turn, students will roll a number cube.

Then, move forward in that many spaces and read the words on each space as the piece is moved forward on the board.

Free Printable Literacy Center Game for CVC Activities

Players play until they reach the last space on the board or beyond. Players do not have to get the exact number to finish on the last space.

Optional: Players can record the words they land on using the optional recording sheet. I recommend laminating this page and using dry erase markers if you’d like to make the recording sheet reusable.

Free Printable Short U CVC Game with Recording Sheet


If you’re looking for a way to extend the activity, once all the players are finished, have kids read their own recording sheet again for additional fluency practice.

Short U CVC Game Freebie

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Get Your FREE Short U CVC Board Game

The free printable short O CVC board game includes the board game in color and black and white as well as the optional recording sheet.

Click here to request the free printable.

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