21 Fall Bulletin Boards and Door Decorations for Your Classroom

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Autumn is definitely in the air, and it’s time to create some fall bulletin boards and doors for your classroom. We pulled together some of our favorite ideas and general fall celebrations, with help from our favorite Instagram teachers. Plus, we’ve gathered owl-themed bulletin boards, too!

1. Celebrate The Great Pumpkin

Great Pumpkin fall bulletin boards

Source: @hannahcrideout

2. Showcase the pitch of the patch!

Pick of the Patch fall bulletin boards

Source: @sendyteaches

3. Fall into a good book

Fall Into a Good Book fall bulletin boards

Source: @teachingfourthwithkelly

4. Or a great book!

Fall Into a Great Book fall bulletin boards

Source: @pelhambaylibrary

5. Showcase your pumpkin spice latte love!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Source: @erin_evolvingbeauty

6. Display the falling leaves

Tree with falling leaves fall bulletin boards

Source: @mr.wyllie

7. Showcase pumpkin art

Student created pumpkins for fall bulletin boards

Source: @becuriouscreatereflect

8. When you have a thing for tissue paper …

Apples Bulletin Board

Source: Building a Birdhouse of Love

9. When you’re proud to be Southern …

Leaves Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

10. Display a new twist on handprint crafts …

Thankful Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

11. When you love owls …

Owls Bulletin Board

Source: Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten

12. When you want to promote reading …

Fall Reading Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

13. When you have a lot of room to work with …

Scarecrow Bulletin Board

Source: Library Learners

14. When it’s testing season …

Nightmare Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

15. Get creative to reward good reading …

Reading Bulletin Board

Source: Busy Miss B.

16. When it’s harvest season …

Harvest Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

17. Showcase a love of The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

18. When it’s sunflower season …

Sunflowers Bulletin Board

Source: Our Small Town Idaho Life

19. Share a love of scarecrows …

Scarecrow Bulletin Board

Source: Unknown

20. When you want to make a cool classroom tree …

Thankful Tree Bulletin Board

Source: One Creative Mommy

21. Share your game plan …

Game Plan Bulletin Board

Source: Not So Wimpy Teacher

Do you have favorite fall bulletin boards and doors? Share links in the comments below!

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