24 Favorite 4th Grade Poems Your Students Will Love

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Looking for the best 4th grade poems? We’ve put together a great list of poetry you can use in your classroom lessons right now! This collection of poetry covers a wide variety of topics and ranges from simple sweetness to more complex prose. With options for different reading levels, you’ll find something for every student!

“…you should try this little writing trick.”

Dream Variations by Langston Hughes

“To fling my arms wide in some place of the sun…”

“…not pasted on some other place.”

“Why do they say money grows on trees?”

Since Hanna Moved Away by Judith Viorst

“The tires on my bike are flat.”

“The other night ’bout two o’clock, or maybe it was three…”

7. The Fair by Vernon Witmer

“The car door opened…”

“I noticed the mockingbirds first…”

9. New Math by Nikki Grimes

New Math by Nikki Grimes

“Up till now, the math of my life has been pretty simple…”

“We suffer through blinding equatorial heat…”

“No one can tell me…”

The Dream of Shoji by Kimiko Hahan

“How to say milk?”

“Under this loop of honeysuckle…”

“It was our third-grade field trip to the Dinosaur Exhibit…”

Naturalization by Jenny Xie

“His tongue shorn, father confuses…”

16. Spring Break by April Halprin Wayland

“The best clouds in the business are right above me right now.”

17. Tending by Elizabeth Alexander

“In the pull-out bed with my brother…”

18. Snowball by Shel Silverstein

Snowball by Shel Silverstein

“I made myself a snowball…”

“In the vast open field…”

“Come, my little one, with me!”

21. Crows by Marilyn Nelson

“What if to taste and see, to notice things…”

“One ran, her nose to the ground…”

“We all have the same little bones in our foot…”

24. Amphibians by Joseph O. Legaspi

“Immigrants leave their land, hardening in the sea.”

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