30 Engaging Pumpkin STEM Activities

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Frosted windowpanes and the crunching of leaves under our feet mean Fall is back! Even though Fall can be a great time for exploring nature because of the cooler temperatures and changing seasons. Fall also means we will be spending more days indoors than our kids would probably like. It’s the perfect time to look for fun, hands-on activities to keep them busy and let them learn at the same time. STEM activities are great for this. Kids can have a great time and learn something in the process. There are a lot of STEM activities out there for our kids, but I like to incorporate themed activities into our lesson plans throughout the year.

Right now, I’m thinking Fall and pumpkins. For those pumpkin and fall-themed lesson plans, here are some great pumpkin STEM activities.

pumpkin stem activities

30 Pumpkin STEM Activities

    1. Pumpkin Candy Activity
    2. Chemical Reaction Pumpkin Patch
    3. Math and Science Pumpkin activities from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
    4. Growing Pumpkins Inside a Pumpkin
    5. Pumpkin Tower Challenge, Pumpkin Catapults 
    6.  Turning Pumpkin Guts into Slime  
    7. Pumpkin Rolling – Simple Physics for Kids 
    8. Pumpkin Boats
    9. Pumpkin Volcano  
    10. Pumpkin Oobleck  
    11. Rotting Pumpkin Activity  
    12. Pumpkin Geoboard 
    13. Bubble Science with Pumpkins 
    14. Learning About Pumpkins Activity 
    15. Fizzing Pumpkin Patch 
    16. Squishy Circuit Pumpkin Activity   
    17. Pumpkin Math Activity   
    18. Build a Pumpkin Pulley Simple  Machine 
    19. Pumpkin Seed Art  
    20. Pumpkin Catapults  
    21. Building Structure Candy Pumpkins 
    22.  How Much Does a Pumpkin Cost? Algebra Lessons 
    23. Pumpkin Bird Feeder Activity 
    24. Pumpkin Math and Engineering Challenge  
    25. Fall Math Pumpkin Hunt
    26. Space Paper Pumpkin Craft 
    27. Pumpkin Fine Motor Skills 
    28. How Heavy is a Pumpkin Activity
    29. Pumpkin Volcano
    30. Pumpkin Math and Science Activities for Middle School Age

More Fall STEM Projects

Looking for more fun fall STEM projects? Try these.

fall science activities

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30 Pumpking STEM Activities

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