How To Read For Post UTME 2021

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I have written a detailed article on The 17 Laws to Pass Post UTME. I have also shared the 10 Resources to prepare for Post UTME. Today, I will focus on how to Read for Post UTME 2021.

There are two major Reading Strategies candidates employ in preparing for Post UTME. The first one is Active Reading and the second one is Passive Reading. Employ Active Learning when it comes to Reading for Post UTME.


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Active Reading For Post UTME

What is Active Reading? Active reading happens when you’re making effort and studying with a goal in mind. You’re not just looking at your books like a novel.

During active reading, you bring out your textbooks, pdf materials, Flashlearners Post UTME Videos or notes, as well as jotter plus rough notes. You take notes while reading, you try to reproduce what you have read by heart using a rough note.

Active reading requires you to set a reading target. You decide how many pages or topics to cover and how many hours to read daily. You set exam standard questions for yourself, time yourself and take the test without looking at answers.

Active reading requires you to memorise what needs to be memorised and to understand what needs to be understood. Active reading also requires you to explain what you have read to others if possible. This is the kind of reading strategy you should employ to prepare and pass post UTME.

Passive Reading

Passive reading happens naturally without effort. Passive reading requires you to read without bothering to test yourself, without taking note of important points, without jotting down points and without reproducing what you have read.

Passive reading requires you to read only the topics that interest you. In passive reading, no specific goal is required. You simply drop the book or study material when it seizes to be fun and move on. This type of reading shouldn’t be encouraged for Post UTME Candidates.

With these few points of mine, hope I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that active reading is very good to prepare and pass Post UTME?

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