50 Preschool Books To Add to Your Collection

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Reading aloud to preschoolers is definitely an adventure: the questions, the comments, the “helping,” … and of course, their sincere love of snuggling up with a great book. Lots of experience with diverse, top-quality books in preschool goes a long way towards instilling a big appreciation for reading, so we prefer our shelves to be fully stocked and updated often. Read on for 50+ of our recent top picks!

(Psst: Don’t think we forgot about all our old favorite preschool books—many are included on this list of Books That Will Make You Nostalgic for Preschool.)

(Just a heads up! WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

Book cover for Baby Bear Counts One as an example of preschool books Book cover for Baby Bear Sees Blue as an example of preschool books Book cover for Where Oh Where is Baby Bear as an example of preschool books

There are plenty of sweet bear stories, but it’s the gorgeous linocut illustrations that really make this trio of concept books stand out. They are lovely for building children’s vocabulary and content knowledge about a bear’s habitat, too.

Book covers for Mrs. Peanuckle's Vegetable, Fruit and Bug Alphabet books as examples of preschool books

Everything about this series is downright adorable. Each book marches through a nature-themed version of the ABCs with engaging facts about bugs, birds, veggies, fruits, trees, or flowers—all while using cheerful mixed-media art.

Book cover for Bear is Awake: An Alphabet Story as an example of preschool books

We love preschool books that combine alphabet information with a great picture story. Hearing kids’ reactions as the narrative about a hungry bear unfolds is a treat. A is for “awake…”

  Book cover for LMNO pea-quel as an example of preschool books

The original title in this series, LMNO Peas, is a longtime preschool books favorite because it combines two preschool loves: the alphabet and exploration of occupations. (Plus, could those little peas be any cuter?) We love having the latest installment, LMNO Pea-Quel, on hand for our Pre-K kiddos as they start to tune into lowercase letters, which are highlighted in this book.

Book cover for Look, Grandma! Ni, Elisi! as an example of preschool books

Bo helps his Uncle Ben craft handmade marbles to sell at the Cherokee National Holiday, and he needs to find a container just the right size for displaying them at his family’s booth. We think all the titles in the Storytelling Math series are fantastic preschool books, but we especially love this one for encouraging kids to consider volume, capacity, and area. The extension ideas in the back matter are all totally doable in the classroom.

Book cover for Circle Under Berry as an example of preschool books

Explore shapes, colors, and prepositions with this most inventive of preschool books that’ll really get your class talking. It starts out simple but ramps up as the book goes on, making it a great multi-age concept book. Extension ideas abound, from offering it with loose parts for kids to explore or creating your own class version with cut and glued shapes.

Book cover for Love Makes a Family as an example of preschool books

Most preschool classrooms engage in some kind of study of families, and this book is a must-have to encourage an inclusive view on the topic. Illustrations are colorful and engaging and sweetly portray many different variations on family structure.

Book cover for Kindness Makes Us Strong as an example of preschool books

Kindness is a universal theme in preschool, and this title brims with optimism and age-appropriate examples. Share it with kids and then celebrate their own kind ideas and actions.

Box cover for House: First Words Board Books as an example of preschool books

We’ve used this collection of little label books—each features contents of a room in a home—in so many ways. Share them to get kids talking about their own homes or as examples to inspire kids’ own label books. The little books fit into the box like a puzzle, so they make for a great item for independent exploration during quiet time, too.

Book cover for Penguin Bedtime Classics The Three Little Pigs as an example of preschool books Book cover for Penguin Bedtime Classics Jack and the Bean Stalk Book as an example of preschool books Book cover for Penguin Bedtime Classics: The Princess and the Pea as an example of preschool books

These are not your typical fairy tales! This board book collection distills classic tales down to a few basic—but still engaging—short sentences and fills in the gaps with diverse, fresh-feeling illustrations.

Book cover for Hooray for Hat! as an example of preschool books

There’s a pervasive dark cloud of grumpiness among the animal friends, until they start gifting hats to one another. Its many chances to chime in and notice details in the pictures, and a sweet message about friendship, make this one of our go-to read alouds. Also, check out follow-ups Hooray for Books! and Hooray for Today!

Book cover for Dig, Dump, Roll as an example of preschool books Book cover for Wheels as an example of preschool books

Sally Sutton earned a special place in our book-loving hearts with Roadwork, Construction, and Demolition. These two more recent titles have a guessing game structure, which makes them perfect for reading aloud to construction and vehicle-loving kiddos.

Book cover for Abracadabra Its Spring as an example of preschool books

Changes in seasons really can feel like magic, and the fold-out pages of these titles capture that perfectly. Each spread begins with a magic word, and the chance for kids to guess what special detail about the season will be shown under the flap.

Book cover for What Color is Night? as an example of preschool booksWhat Sound is Morning springboard book

These poetic titles celebrate the nuanced colors of night and the sounds of the very beginning of the day. Bedtime and early mornings are preschooler prime times, of course, so these are highly relevant preschool books. They’re great springboards for activities about looking and listening carefully and describing colors and sounds in your school environment, too.

Book cover for What's the Weather? as an example of preschool books

Since we love every single one of Shelley Rotner’s gorgeous photo essays, it was hard to choose one to feature, but this title is particularly interactive for classrooms having conversations about the weather.

Book cover for Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party as an example of preschool books

Obviously, Pete the Cat is a preschool classroom’s best friend. We love this new fave—next to our all-time #1 Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, of course—for talking all things pizza, and all things starting with the letter P. Preschoolers giggle endlessly over Pete’s pals’ silly topping choices.

21. Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai

Book cover for Pizza Day as an example of preschool books

One pizza book is never enough! This realistic narrative about a family who makes pizza from scratch—from growing veggies to making homemade sauce—gives kiddos lots to talk about! After reading, it’s definitely time for some pizza-making of your own.

Book cover for Every Color Soup as an example of preschool books

Soup is a close second to pizza for preschool cooking and food conversation possibilities. Elegant in its simplicity, this title features a single color word matched to a soup veggie on each page. We love pairing it with a paint color exploration, painting full sheets of paper, and chopping them up into “soup” pieces.

23. Beehive by Jorey Hurley

Book cover for Beehive as an example of preschool books

Nope, we couldn’t pick just one Jorey Hurley book! The single words on each page teach rich vocabulary and content information about how bees make honey.

Book cover for Good Morning Yoga as an example of preschool books Book cover for Good Night Yoga as an example of preschool books

Yoga storytime is one of our favorite ways to incorporate yoga in the preschool classroom, and these are two of our go-to’s for energizing or winding down our littlest yogis.

Book cover for Find Fergus as an example of preschool books

Kids just love this book! Part story about a bumbling bear, part seek-and-find challenge, it’s perfect for sharing with a small group. Fergus wants to hide, but he needs a lot of guidance, which of course, young hide-and-seek experts find hilarious. We love preschool books that encourage pre-writers too—this one’s good for inspiring some list-making!

Goats Coat Book

A pleasing rhyme scheme? Check. A lovable goat named Alfonso? Check. A timeless message about selflessness and the power of giving to others? Also, check. You won’t mind reading this one over and over again.

Boxitects STEAM Book

This is our newest favorite spirited STEAM tale. First of all, the amazing made-up words: Boxitect. Blanketeer. Spaghetti-tect. Kids want to be all of them. There is a nice underlying message about the value of teamwork, and tons of cardboard box-creation inspiration, too.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild Book

Everyone else in Mr. Tiger’s community is pretty stodgy, so when Mr. Tiger decides to let loose a bit, it causes quite a stir. The design in this book is exceptional and makes it a treat to read aloud. The message about allowing your true self to shine—even if that means “going wild”— is good for all of us.

Kitten and the Night Watchman Book

The dad in this touching story works night shift security at a construction site. Its hushed descriptions of his rounds—complete with repeated sightings of a small, gray kitten—mesmerizes kids. The text is richly detailed without being too much for preschoolers, and we love the nod to families in which parents work varying schedules.

A Space for Me Book

We go back to many of Cathryn Falwell’s books with kiddos year after year, and this new offering about the ups and downs of sibling relationships is equally relevant. Alex shares a room with his brother Lucas and is desperate for some space of his own—but when he finally gets it, he finds he misses his brother’s familiar presence.

Alphonse, There's Mud on the Ceiling Book

Monster sibs Natalie and Alphonse love playing outdoors, but are frustrated to live in a tall apartment building. Creativity wins, though, and the story is full of their imaginative adventures both indoors and out. We like sharing a story about playing outside that also acknowledges the diversity of kids’ homes.

Book cover for A Story for Small Bear as an example of preschool books

Small Bear is eager for her storytime before settling in for winter’s sleep, but Mama tells her there’s preparation to be done first. Will they finish getting ready in time? This is hands down one of the sweetest preschool books we’ve read recently and weaves in so many preschool curriculum topics—family relationships, seasons, forest animals—and, of course, the power of stories.

Ruby's Sword Book

When preschoolers discover stick swords, our impulse can be to squash them in the name of safety. Imaginative Ruby shows us another path, though—one of ants rescued, apples procured, and fictional dragons challenged by a fearless knight, along with a satisfying, friendship-filled ending. Bookmark this for sharing each year when talking about using sticks in safe—but fun—ways.

Green on Green Book about change

This delightful journey through the colors of the seasons is particularly nice to share if you have a child in your class expecting a sibling. The mother in the book subtly grows with each change in season, and by the year’s end, the family celebrates a new arrival.

Penguins Big Adventure Book Series Penguins on Vacation Book Series

Penguin had our hearts back with Penguin and Pinecone, one of our favorite tales about the power of friendship that evokes amazing reflections from kids. In each subsequent story, Penguin sensitively grapples with a new social-emotional challenge, and we—and our penguin-loving preschoolers—are here for all of them.

37. Bird House by Blanca Gómez

Book cover for Bird House as an example of preschool books

A young girl finds an injured bird while on a walk with her abuela. They nurse it back to health and release it—and receive a surprise visitor the following spring. If you’re looking to your add to your collection of gentle preschool books for reading aloud, again and again, this is a good choice. It’s also available in Spanish.

38. Natsumi! By Susan Lendroth

Natsumi Children Book

Natsumi has tons of energy, just like many preschoolers we know. Her grandfather helps her channel it into the perfect pastime: Drumming! We like to pair this book with… you guessed it: plenty of percussion invitations.

Daniel Finds a Poem Book Daniel's Good Day Book

If you think poetry isn’t for preschoolers, think again. They dictate the most perfect poetic lines, and this pair of titles is the best springboard. Daniel is an honest, observant, caring delight of a character.

41. Mommy’s Khimar by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

Mommy's Khimar Book about traditions

This feel-good story tells of a little girl who plays dress-up with her mother’s headscarves. We love sharing it when talking about families or when conversations about head coverings arise among students.

I Really Want to See You, Grandma Book

This story is for every kid who fiercely misses a special relative. Yumi desperately wants to see her Grandma, so she sets out for her house. What she doesn’t know is that Grandma has also decided to make a visit, causing some frantic back-and-forth.

    The Don't Worry Book

Todd Parr offers classic preschool books to reassure and help shape young children’s thinking about so many topics. This new favorite feels important to share. It invites kiddos to feel safe talking about their worries, and, as all Parr’s books do, ends with a message of hope.

44. Being Frog by April Pulley Sayre

Being Frog Nature Book

April Pulley Sayre’s photos are unparalleled for encouraging kiddos to study nature and observe like scientists. We love all her titles, but this one is particularly helpful for classrooms that study frog life cycles.

Mama Built a Little Nest Preschool Book

Birds’ nests are so fascinating, and this title captures that in a preschool-friendly way. We like to make play, art, or nature materials available for children to explore “making nests” after reading.

Play this Book

Interactive books can be tricky to read to a group, but with some additional direction, this instrument-themed one works so well. Get kids playing the “piano” on the floor, crashing imaginary cymbals, and feeling the rhythm!

A Big Mooncake for Little Star about traditions

Preschoolers know how hard it is to resist sampling delicious treats, especially when they helped make them. Little Star nibbles and nibbles some more. There’s so much to talk about with kids when sharing this story: parent-child traditions, cultural traditions, phases of the moon … and we guarantee kids will want to talk all about Little Star’s amazing pajamas!

Book cover for What Happened to You as an example of preschool books

This is one of our new favorite preschool books for building empathy around differences and disabilities. Joe just wants to play pirates at the playground, but other kids can’t contain their questions about why he has only one leg. It’s a great #OwnVoices story for opening discussions about balancing curiosity with respect for privacy.

49. Listen by Gabi Snyder

Book cover for Listen as an example of preschool books

We love preschool books that encourage mindfulness and wonder, and this does both. A girl practices listening to the myriad small sounds around her, naturally encouraging preschool students to do the same.

50. The Hug by Eoin McLaughlin

The Hug Book about Friendship

This double-sided book tells a friendship story from the perspectives of Hedgehog and Tortoise, both of whom are searching for a hug. Preschoolers know the value of a great hug, so they readily cheer both animals on when they feel unhuggable.

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