9 Reasons For Mass Failure In Jamb

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There was Mass Failure in Jamb 2021. Mass Failure means many candidates scored below average. Over the years, mass failure has been the order of the day in WAEC and JAMB.

You may be wondering, why do many candidates fail Jamb yearly? Is Jamb purposely failing people? No. Mass failure to a large extent is not from JAMB or CBT Centres. There are things many candidates do that make them Fail Jamb. Below are 9 Reasons for Mass failure in Jamb and Solutions.


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  1. Procrastination
  2. Hoping on Runs
  3. Cramming
  4. Lack of Constant Practice
  5. Too Many Activities
  6. Poor Study Habits
  7. Addiction to Social Media
  8. Not Answering Past Questions
  9. Health and Mindset

Now, see how the 9 factors above make many candidates fail Jamb UTME every year…


Procrastination is the mother of failure in Jamb. Many Jambites wait for Jamb to be really close before they Start Preparations (Getting Syllabus, Recommended Books, Questions and Studying).

For example, how long did you wait before serious preparations for your previous Jamb? If you’re taking Jamb 2022, have you started preparing seriously? How long before the exam did you begin serious studies?

If you’re preparing for Waec, Jamb, Post UTME or University Examination, you must study as if the examination is tomorrow. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do today’s tasks; Tomorrow comes with its own responsibility.

Hoping on Runs

With every passing year, Many Jambites pressure me to send them questions in the morning of Jamb. I boldly tell them that Jamb runs is a scam.

However, there are scammers who claim that they have Jamb Expo Questions and will send them the early morning before exams. Relying on these people (alternatives to studying) will kill your zeal for reading.

Hoping on Jamb runs and expo is a major reason for mass failure in JAMB.

Many candidates did runs in WAEC. This means they or you did not study very well to pass Waec. If you couldn’t pass WAEC On your own, you will likely not be able to study and pass Jamb the same year.

In essence, remove your mind from JAMB help and runs. You are not dull, you are a bright student, build your appetite for reading. With little daily practices, you will be very used to reading. You have everything needed to score above 200 in Jamb.


Numerous Jamb candidates don’t read to understand. Too much cramming of past questions is a factor for mass failure in JAMB. As a Jamb candidate, read to understand. The side effect of cramming is that you won’t be able to answer twisted questions.

Read to Understand. If you don’t understand, ask Questions. There are people around to answer you. Feel free to ask questions on Flashlearners Videos or Email me at [email protected].

Lack of Constant Practice

When you read a topic today, read it again tomorrow or in the nearest future.  You won’t understand or remember what you have read forever. You will tend towards perfection with consecutive practice.

One reason Jambites forget in the exam hall is that they don’t practice topics and questions many times. Do you forget in the exam hall? Constant practice makes you remember in the hall.

Too Many Activities

Most Jambites are everywhere. From watching Matches to religious activities to hanging around with friends to impressing girls/boys to playing games to selling at the store, etc.

Most candidates are everywhere and they do everything. They hardly have time to rest their brain or focus. Meanwhile, you need a healthy brain to read and understand.

What you must understand is that Jamb is temporary while you can do every other thing when Jamb is over. Be adequately ready to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Remember, if you don’t give Jamb your all now, you will be forced to give it your all next year or the next two years.

Who are your Friends? Your association goes a long way to sponsor failure or success. When you’re preparing for Jamb, at least 70% of people, materials and topics around you should be focused on Jamb UTME. Who you follow determines what follows you.

Poor Study Habits

Poor study habits lead to poor results. You may be wondering, where is the best place to study for Jamb? It is simply the place that is most convenient for you; the place where you are able to concentrate.

My advice is that you should study the way that has made you most successful in the past. If that means studying independently with books, then use books. If you prefer a little more structure and guidance, then find in-person classes to attend. If you love videos, then Watch Flashlearners Jamb Videos.

Addiction To Social Media

Social media is generally not bad. However, too much of it is bad for someone preparing for Jamb. Popular content on social media these days is based on entertainment. Too many jokes, adult content and show-offs online won’t help you pass.

In fact, everyone appears successful online. The apparent success of others online can make you depressed. A depressed person won’t be able to study well. You must be in the right state of mind to read and understand.

There is a high chance that you have received, replied to messages or opened at least one social media app since you started reading this article. All these will reduce your attention span. When reading, close every source of distraction. Little distractions on the part of candidates lead to mass failure.

Not Answering Past Questions

Past Questions and correct answers are compulsory if you must pass Jamb. Jamb repeats past questions or twists old questions. Past questions help you understand how Jamb set questions and the answers they expect from you.

With past questions, you will understand how Jamb create options and twist questions yearly. Jamb past questions are prophecies of future Jamb Questions. Simply Click here to Install Flashlearners Jamb App for UTME Questions, Answers and Video Tutorials.

Health and MindSet

Many candidates fail Jamb, not because they didn’t study well or were not serious. They fail due to health issues and mindset before and during the exam. The following mind and health issues that can affect your Jamb Score:

  • Accepting failure before the exam
  • Lack of composure in the exam hall
  • Feeling feverish in the hall
  • Getting so tensed
  • Trying to manage pressure and time in the hall
  • Too many family issues
  • Emotional issues; heartbreaks
  • Malaria and Typhoid
  • Technical issues in the exam hall
  • Loss of close ones
  • Thinking of past events and failures
  • Giving up since you couldn’t answer a few questions, etc.

9 Reasons for Mass Failure in Jamb. I hope you found this article helpful? Feel free to share with others using the social share buttons. and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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