Homeschooling and LEGO: A Conversation with Mark & Steven Erickson

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Do you have a LEGO lover in your house?

The love affair with LEGO bricks has been going on for the past 11 years here – if you’ve never seen all of the LEGO printables and resources here at Homegrown Learners you might want to take a few minutes to check that out!

Last March my son started a job at a local independent LEGO store, the Atlanta Brick Co. To say that this job has kicked his love of LEGO up a notch is an understatement! His love for LEGO is now in overdrive – it’s been such a fun few months around here.

This past summer, we all eagerly awaited each new episode of LEGO Masters Season Two. We watched not only because we’d watched Season One and loved it, but also because we had a connection with one of the teams in the competition. Mark and Steven Erickson (spoiler alert – the team that WON Season Two!) live just around the corner from us, and my son works with Mark at The Atlanta Brick Co!

How fun is that?

We’ve been star-struck and enamored by these brothers and their amazing LEGO-building abilities. Naturally, I had to ask them to come and talk to our readers!

Homeschooling and LEGO

Fun fact: Mark & Steven were homeschooled their entire lives.

When I found this out I nearly jumped for joy! As I got to know Mark and Steven it felt like I was watching the very best that homeschooling offers. These young men are articulate, caring, humble, highly creative, and joyful.

In this interview, I ask them a lot of questions about being homeschooled and also (of course) a lot of questions about LEGO. I passed along several questions sent to me by kids and parents.

Mark and Steven shared with me that they are both dyslexic. They talked about their favorite books, their favorite LEGO memories, and what stuck out to them the most from the time homeschooling.

It was just such a joy to be with them (in their studio with approximately 2 MILLION BRICKS!) !

Your children will love to watch this interview because they will be inspired and encouraged.

YOU will love to watch this interview because you will be inspired and encouraged, too! As a mother, I found my time with Mark & Steven to be a breath of fresh air and validation for doing what I do with my own children.

Relax and watch our conversation (we had FUN!) and then be sure to check out some of their recommended resources below.

AND, stay tuned for a video coming soon: LEGO building and storage tips with Mark and Steven.

LEGO Resources

These are the resources Mark and Steven mentioned in the interview – notice the first book is Steven’s! I have also included a set of basic bricks in case you are new to this whole LEGO building world!

Here are the sites Mark and Steven mentioned, as well as where you can connect with them online:

If you’d like to ask them a question or pass along something to them, feel free to leave it in the comments below – or in the comments of the YouTube video itself.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation half as much as I did!

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