10 Little Gingerbread Song

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Whether it’s building houses out of gingerbread or enjoying a delicious gingerbread man cookie with your kids, gingerbread is definitely a taste of the Christmas season. In this adorable song, you can teach your kids about 10 little gingerbread men, and incorporate some counting practice into your gingerbread theme activities.


Grab the free printable to add to your Christmas theme or Gingerbread theme activities to do with preschoolers and kindergarteners this year, or use the expanded song pack to add in more literacy and math extension activities.

With this fun Christmas counting song, your kids will be able to practice counting and learning the numbers 1 through 10.

This adorable song is adapted from an old classic childhood favorite so your kids will easily be able to sing along.

Counting Pieces for 10 Little Gingerbread Song Printable

Throughout the preschool circle time song series, I’m introducing more than 25 engaging songs that are perfect for engaging young kids in playful learning. Each song is adapted from a popular tune so your kids will be able to join in and sing along too.

For this song, you will be able to get the free printable that includes the song text and song pieces in color, black and white, and a realistic cookie style. The song pieces are adorable and colorful gingerbread men that your kids are sure to love playing with.

Options for Free Printable Christmas Song-10 Little Gingerbread

For each song in this series, you may choose to grab the free printable version that includes the song text and song pieces in color, or you may purchase the full song pack which includes additional supporting activities to extend the fun and learning as well as the black and white version of the song text and song pieces.


Try these additional activities to extend the learning with this song:

  1. Use this song to focus on each individual number for memorization and learning the relation to other numbers.
  2. You can lay out the gingerbread men in a simple math problem in order to start introducing addition and subtraction to your children.
Free printable Gingerbread Counting song for preschool and kindergarten

Number recognition songs can provide many opportunities to practice counting, learning, recognizing number patterns, and more.


This free printable excerpt includes:

  • A printable version of the song with clipart
  • Printable winter-themed activity cards to go with each verse of the song
Contents-Free Printable Gingerbread Song

Complete the form below to get your freebie.


This 64-page set includes:

  • Circle Time Song Charts and Pieces
  • Extension Activities
  • Full-Page Class Book Options
  • Half-Page Emergent Reader Options

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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