Short I CVC Word Building Phonics Game

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I love finding interactive ways to teach my kids how to read. If you’re looking for a fun new way to create a hands-on experience that will make learning to read more exciting for your kids, these word-building phonics games are perfect. If your kids know most letters and sounds and have a strong foundation in phonemic awareness. Then they are likely beginning to apply those skills and learn how to read. Teaching them CVC words is a great place to start. This is especially true if your students know the letter sounds well, and are looking for that next logical step.

In this Short I CVC Word Building Phonics Game children will identify, segment, build and write short vowel words for engaging spelling practice.

This CVC word building phonics game is perfect for prekindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade and was inspired by our popular CVC word building mats. Those mats focused on words with a mix of short vowel sounds, and I received multiple requests to create individual sets for each short vowel sound.

This new series of free printables will include specific word prompts for each short vowel so kids can focus on spelling CVC words with each new vowel they learn. 


Setting up this activity is so easy.

First, print out your free printable Short I CVC Word Building Phonics Game (available below). Add in either the word prompt cards or some small toys that relate to CVC words.

Small Group Short I CVC Words Activity for Kindergarten

Be sure to introduce the words used to your children before asking them to do the activity independently. That way children are familiar with the words. We’ve also included a quick reference answer key for kids to refer to as needed.

Short I CVC Word List for Self-Checking

Cover your CVC Word Building Mat with a dry erase pocket, sheet protector, or laminate it for repeated use with dry-erase markers. Gather letter manipulatives and a dry erase marker, and you’re set! Game cards can be placed in a bag or face down in a stack so kids can draw them at random.


For each prompt card kids will:

1) Place a card in the top left box.

2) Tap each dot to segment the sounds in the word.

Short I CVC Phonics Printable Game for PreK and Kindergarten

3) Build the word with magnetic letters or another letter manipulative.

4) Write the word.

Free Printable Short I CVC Center Activity for PreK and Kindergarten

5) Erase and repeat with a new prompt card.

Optional: On a separate sheet of paper have kids record which words they built during their time at the center. 

Optional Recording Sheet for Short I CVC Activity

This provides extra writing practice and shows how many words they worked on. Kids can also check their answers using the Answer Key if desired.

Get Your FREE Short I CVC Word Building Phonics Game

The free printable Short I CVC Word Building Phonics Game includes the board game in color and black and white as well as the optional recording sheet.

Click the pink button below to request your copy. (Be sure there are no pop-up blockers preventing the window from opening.)

Click here to request the free printable.
Free Printable Short I Words Activity for Literacy Centers

More Ways to Practice CVC Words

Help Students Apply What They are Learning with Our 4-in-1 CVC Short I Digital Activities Bundle

This set includes interactive digital and printable sets of activities to help children learn to read and spell short I CVC words. Choose from four different sets available in Google Slides, Seesaw, and a PDF printable option.



The activity pack is also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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