The Easiest Subjects In Waec And Jamb

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What are the Hardest and Easiest Subjects to Pass in Jamb and Waec? This is one of the questions you may want to ask. It is no doubt that Jamb is around the corner; knowing the Simplest Subjects in Jamb is Smart of You.

Some Subjects are generally easier to pass than others when it comes to Jamb and Waec. Today, I will show you the easiest subjects to pass in Jamb and Waec. You may also see the difficult subjects to pass in Jamb UTME and Waec SSCE Here.


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Easiest Subjects In Jamb And Waec To Pass

The simplest subjects to pass in Jamb and Waec Are:

  • Mathematics
  • The Subject you Love
  • Underrated Subjects

Mathematics In Jamb and Waec

Unlike Physics, Mathematics requires just understanding of the formula. If you know the formula, you should be able to solve any question. Jamb hardly twists questions in mathematics. This also applies to Waec. With knowledge of the formula for a particular Waec Mathematics topic, you should be able to answer as many questions as possible.

For example, if you understand how to find the determinant of 3 by 3 matrix very well, There is no question you will be given that you won’t be able to solve under Matrix. This applies to quadratic equations and numerous other topics in Waec and Jamb Mathematics. Remember, what works for Waec also works for Neco.

Waec and Jamb Mathematics Questions are simple and the marking scheme is very cool. You can also predict the areas they will set Questions from in Mathematics. An average O Level candidate taking mathematics should be able to answer questions under the following topics when they come:

  • Conversion from one Base to Another
  • Decimal places and significant figures
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Direct and Inverse Variation
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
  • Determinants of Matrix not exceeding 3 by 3
  • Simple differentiation and Integration
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Mean, Median and Mode
  • Construction And Plotting Graph (Waec and Neco Maths).

That’s already more than 60% of what Jamb and Waec set in Mathematics. Why won’t it be easy for you to pass maths in Jamb? Just put it your best and you will be surprised how A1 will be sure for you in Waec Maths and Over 60% in Jamb.

The only time it will be difficult for you to pass or score high in Jamb mathematics and get A1 or B2 in Waec Maths is if maths is a subject you hate with passion. It is unfortunate that many students hate mathematics with passion. You can actually fall in love with Mathematics starting from this year.

The Subject You Love

The subject your love will definitely be one of the easiest subjects for you in Jamb. You attract what you love. The subject you love naturally becomes easier for you to read and pass. For some, they love CRS, thus it becomes more easy for you in the hall.

Others love the English Language. Subjects most students love in Waec and Jamb ranges from literature, Biology, Government and Chemistry. If you love it, then you should be able to do well in it.

The Underrated Subjects

Some subjects are not very popular or hyped in Nigeria. However, with just little effort, you will blast them. Examples of such subjects are Geography and French.

The marking scheme for subjects many persons don’t rush is usually fair and the questions that come under them are not as difficult as the ones you will see in competitive subjects like English.

In summary, Although mathematics is painted as very difficult, I have found out over the years that candidates tend to do well in Waec and Jamb mathematics even will little effort. Unlike some subjects where you need to be extremely good before you can pass them.

Therefore, the easiest subject to score high in Waec and Neco if you are serious are Mathematics, the subject you really love with passion and subjects many persons don’t apply for.

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