33 Categories Of Students In Any School

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Just as faces are different in school; also is character. You can’t help it but get surprised at students behaviours in any school. Today, I will share the top 33 Categories of Students you will find in any school. They all come together to make the school system amazing.

Whether in Secondary Schools, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics or Universities, you will surely find these set of persons. Your course of study isn’t a barrier; they are in every department and faculty. Just like MTN, they’re everywhere you go.

Here are the Top 33 Types of Students you will find in any High School or College

1. Scholars

These are intelligent students. They always top the “scoreboard” and take their studies seriously. Intelligent students are loved by teachers and as well as admired by other students. This is what everyone wants to be.

2. Jokers

These are the students who make the class exciting. They make jokes out of everything and sometimes make the lecturer laugh (or get angry). We all love jokes, even serious students like this set of comedians lowkey.

3. Late Comers

These set of persons always come to class when the teacher or lecturer is already teaching. They tend to distract the class as lecturers tend to question them. These set of persons are common in higher institutions.

4. Punctual Students

These are set of students that come to school even before the gate opens. They don’t miss classes, they come to school very early that you begin to wonder if they sleep in school.

5. Neat Students

These ones are very neat and tidy. They dress very well. Although most of them are very intelligent, yet people crush on them. Girls love neat girls just like guys love beautiful and neat guys.

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6. The Dullard

These are dull students. They will fall classwork an even fail correction (lol). You will find students who are not intelligent in every school. Some of them are forced to attend school even when they have concluded that it is no their calling.

7. Sleepers

These ones just come to class to sleep. Some of them do go for night classes (study at night) while others just feel sleepy naturally. Wake them up and they will fall asleep again.

8. The Cheaters

These ones will cheat on girls and still cheat in the exam. These are students who engage in one form of examination malpractice or the other. Some of them don’t get caught as they are experts in the job.

9. Teachers Favorite

These are intelligent students, obedient in school, front sitters, good looking and attentive listeners. Every teacher loves them. These set of students tend to keep up this trait since they enjoy love from teachers. Most times, fellow students don’t love lecturers favourites.

10. Noise Makers

These guys make noise whether there is a teacher in class or not. Most of them are backbenchers. They get sent out of class on a regular basis. Change is constant, but these guys don’t change.

11. Part-Time Students

These students come to school when they like. They can choose to come to class for one week and take another two weeks off. Some of them travel from one state to the other for fun or assignment.

12. Business Students

These ones love business. They come to school to buy and sell. Some of them go from classes to classes or even outside the school for business.

13. Pervert Student

These are students with dirty minds. They love the opposite sex and always get distracted in class. You will find this set of students even in junior secondary schools.

14. The Debaters

These are students who argue over everything. They argue which teachers, they argue about who is better between Messi and Ronaldo, which is better between Davido and Wizkid, who is the most beautiful girl in class, etc. They argue about almost everything even in class.

15. Student Politicians

These set of students love to lead and get involved in everything related to politics. Some of them even take politics more serious than their book. Some eventually become successful politicians.

16. The Quiet Ones

These ones are so quiet that you don’t even know when they’re not in school. Other students begin to wonder why someone can be that serious.

17. Over Serious Students

These ones are just too serious with life. They don’t laugh, they don’t crack jokes in class, they don’t engage in sports or attend parties, all they do is come to class, read books, do assignments. They are so serious that you even begin to re-evaluate your own lifestyle.

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18. Current Students

These are the students who always give breaking news. They know the latest happenings in every area and they don’t fail to bring the gist to class first thing in the morning.

19. School Celebrities

These are popular students in school. Some are popular for a good reason while others are popular just for constituting some nuisance. In any which way, they are school celebrities.

20. The Interrogators

These are set of students that will be asking lecturers questions up and down. Even if the teacher says one plus one is equal to two, they will still ask how. They are very annoying.

21. Oversabi Students

These are students who want to contribute to any discussing in class. They want to ask questions, they want to answer questions, they want to do this and they want to do that. Ask them questions and they will give you both the answers you need and what doesn’t concern the question.

22. Shy Students

These ones are shy to ask questions, shy to answer questions, shy to talk with the opposite sex. Some are even too shy to eat (lol). You will find people who are extremely shy in every school setting.

23. Assignment Lovers

Sir, you forgot to give use assignment, you forgot about the assignment. That is the language of assignment lovers. Since many students don’t like assignments, these persons attract hate from almost everyone in the class.

24. Student Couple

These are persons who form married men and women in the class. They come to school together, they do the assignment together, they are reading partners, they buy food together and they leave school together. They are so close that people tag them couples.

25. Bestie Students

You will always find two best friends in any school. While some are of the same sex, others are of different sex. They get so close that you begin to wonder whether they are dating.

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26. The Geng

These are set of persons who roll together. They are partners in crime and they cover up for one another. If they are not complete, just know that something is wrong.

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27. Phone Pressers

These ones come to class with phones and are always pressing. While some are playing games, others and reading and replying chats on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

28. The Bully

These are students who love to oppress other students. Many young students don’t like going to school just because of these categories of students. No one wants to be bullied at school.

29. Baby Students

These ones are so emotional. They get heartbroken over everything and cry over little things. They want you to pet them.

33. Religious Students

These set of students will preach in classes and assembly grounds; They want you to repent by all means. Some even lead prayers before classes begin. Many of them are tagged Pastors. In fact, some of them are leaders of school fellowships. We also have focused Muslim students who don’t miss mosque prayers.

31. The Rich Kids

These are students from rich homes. It shows in the way they talk, their sense of dressing, the things they buy and how lecturers respect them.

32. Fun Lovers

These categories of students love everything enjoyment, party after party, grooving, fun, and more. So long it is not an academic activity, they will be more than glad to join. They also love to contest for things that have to do with beauty, sports and fun generally in school.

33. All-Rounder Students

These ones will play in class, go to clubs, play games, watch movies and still do very well academically. You will think they are not serious with their life until results are pasted and they do better than you that have been reading from the first day of resumption.

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These are the top 33 categories of students in any school. The amazing thing is that some persons belong long to more than two of the categories listed above. If I may ask, what type of student are you? Feel free to let me know using the comment box and don’t fail to share this post with friends.

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