35 Ways For Students To Make Money in 2022

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There are many ways you can make money studying. The truth is that the allowance you get as a student is usually not enough. For others, they don’t get monthly allowance at all. Hence, the need to do something that won’t really affect your studies to make extra cash while in school.

Before you proceed, you may want to check out my comprehensive guide on 15 Ways to Make Money with your Phone or Laptop. Feel free to click here for reasons you should have a laptop as a student. Continue reading for genuine ways to make money while in school.


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Make Money As A Student

  1. Taking Academic Tutorials
  2. Writing and Selling Ebooks
  3. Buying and Selling hot Cake books
  4. Design banners and flyers
  5. Help studios in Photo and Video editing
  6. Start a blog and make money with Google Adsense
  7. Render Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
  8. Freelancing and fiver
  9. Develop and sell Apps
  10. Promote and sell apps for Developers
  11. Sales of neatly Used Laptops
  12. Sales of used slightly Phones
  13. Start Affiliate Marketing
  14. Make money with Email Marketing
  15. Organize seminars to teach what you are good at a fee
  16. Make money doing beautiful paintings and wallpapers
  17. Create short interesting Youtube videos and monetize
  18. Write for Top Bloggers and get Paid
  19. Write tech articles for
  20. Learn Phones repairs and make money by repairing phones
  21. Learn how to update and fix Phone and PC software related issues
  22. Learn Laptop repairs and make money with it in School
  23. Look for places that allow work after school hours
  24. You can start a photocopy business
  25. Take little children home lessons
  26. Catering and Ushering Jobs during Weekends
  27. Laundry work
  28. Design blogs and website and get paid
  29. Increase your social media followers and start making money through adverts
  30. Do you have the talent? Perform at events and get paid.
  31. Sell cheap clothes and shoes
  32. Installation of DSTV and other Cable TVs
  33. Installation of Fans, Airconditioners, solar panels and Inverters
  34. Become a Jumia Agent
  35. Become a good programmer

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