Cardboard Tube Crafts for Any Time of Year

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Keep your kids engaged and creating year-round with these nonseasonal crafts with cardboard tubes! Cardboard tubes are the perfect ingredient for some inexpensive, easy to prepare fun! Be sure to also check out our list of activities that use recycled cardboard for more cardboard craft ideas!

Nonseasonal Crafts with Cardboard Tubes

Encourage pretend play with this fun Cardboard Tube Family Craft.

Make your own Paper Roll Dolls out of old toilet paper tubes.

Making these Cardboard Craft Tube Superheroes is so simple and easy.

These Toilet Roll Ninjas are the perfect upcycled craft for your kids to make any time of year.

Cardboard Tube Animal Crafts

Create your own dinosaur skeleton when you Make a GIANT dinosaur out of toilet paper rolls 

Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will love making a Paper Snake Craft Using Empty Toilet Paper Rolls.

This colorful and fun Cardboard Roll Snake Craft is a fun way for your kids to get creative.

Create your own magnificent lions with the help of this paper roll lions craft.

Get crafty and make these adorable Paper Roll Animals out of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.

This adorable Tropical Cardboard Tube Parrot Craft would be perfect for a jungle theme or a fun activity for your kids.

If your kids love horses they will love creating this Cardboard Tube Horse.

Create your own puppets out of toilet paper rolls with this Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe Marionette

This Simple Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft is perfect for your little ones who want to do some crafting.

Cardboard Tube Fairy Tale Crafts

Your kids will love creating their very own Toilet Roll Fairy House.

If your kids love unicorns, they will have a blast with this Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Learn How to Make a Castle from Cardboard with this simple tutorial.

Use this Fire Breathing Cardboard Tube Dragon Craft to go with your child’s favorite fairy tale.

Cardboard Tube Space Crafts

Use your leftover toilet paper rolls to make these cool Toilet Paper Roll Aliens

Reach for the stars when your child makes these Cardboard Tube Space Shuttles. 

This Easy Paper Roll Rocket Craft for Kids is the perfect simple craft for your kids to put together.

Even More Paper Towel Roll Crafts

Your kids will reach for the sky when they make these Toilet Paper Roll Airplane Crafts.

This Cardboard Tube Racing Car Craft is such a fun way to spend the day.

This Easy Robot Toilet Paper Roll Craft is so easy for your kids to make.

Reuse old junk from around the house to make these Crafty Recycled Robots.

This Skyline Cardboard Tube Craft is a cool and easy way to use up your old cardboard tubes.

This Cardboard Tube Monsters Halloween Craft is a cute and easy craft for kids.

These Duct Tape and Toilet Roll Bracelets for Kids to Make are so simple and easy to make.

Nonseasonal Toilet Paper Roll Activities

Creative nonseasonal cardboard tube crafts for kids to make any time of year using repurposed paper tubes and common craft materials.

This Cardboard Tube and Elastic Hair Bands activity is a great fine motor activity for your kids to do.

Cutting paper hair on cardboard dolls is a great way for your kids to practice their scissor skills. 

Your kids can practice concentration and fine motor skills with this Cardboard Tube Yarn Threading 

This Fine motor threading activity using straws and cardboard tubes is so simple to set up and hours of fun for your little ones.

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