Cardboard Tube Crafts for Winter and Christmas

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If you are a mom with kids, then you know that your household goes through a lot of toilet paper and paper towels. Instead of throwing out those old cardboard tubes, you can use them to create a bunch of fun winter activities and Christmas crafts your kids are going to love! You can use repurposed paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and even wrapping paper rolls for all of these awesome cardboard tube winter activities. The next time you go to replace those empty rolls, hang on to them so you can do some of these cardboard tube activities with your kids.

Christmas Cardboard Tube Crafts

Repurpose your old cardboard tubes to make this Easy Cardboard Tube Wreath Christmas Craft.

Use your old toilet paper rolls to make this upcycled and inexpensive Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Craft.

Make this fun Reindeer Craft and Counting Game out of cardboard tubes.

Your kids can make this easy Cardboard Roll Christmas Candle Craft for Kids from paper towel rolls!

Christmas trees just got more adorable using this Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree Craft.

Make these fun Toilet Roll Reindeer Christmas Ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

Make this fun and simple Toilet Paper Roll Grinch Craft For Kids this Christmas.

This Toilet Paper Roll Gingerbread Man Craft is a great inexpensive holiday craft for your kids to do.

Making these Recycled Toilet Paper Tube Christmas Elves is so easy and fun for your kids.

These Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts are so easy and fun to make.

Make this Adorable DIY Cardboard Roll Nativity Set for your home or the classroom.

Use cardboard tubes to help your kids make their very own Winter Town

Create an entire toilet paper roll choir with this Christmas Carollers Craft. 

It’s so easy to make these 3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees with the help of paper plates and cardboard tubes.

These DIY Santa Binoculars are made from recycled toilet paper rolls.

Hanukkah Cardboard Tube Crafts

Using this Wine Cork Menorah Craft your kids can actually “light” the candles to celebrate the Hanukkah season.

Use toilet paper rolls to make this fun Cardboard Tube Chanukiah for kids.

Winter Cardboard Tube Crafts

Your toddlers will have a blast making this adorable Toilet Roll Snowman Craft for Kids.

These Winter Toilet Paper Roll Animals are the perfect winter afternoon craft activity.

Use paper rolls to make this cute Paper Roll Snowman Craft.  

Make an entire snowman family with this Adorable DIY Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft.

Make icicles that are safe for kids to play with using this Toilet Paper Roll Icicles craft.

A STEM Snowman Craft is a great way for your kids to practice STEM and get creative.

Winter Activities with Cardboard Tubes

Use cardboard tubes and loose parts to make this cool Loose Parts Play Christmas Activity for kids. 

These Cardboard Tube Snowflakes are a fun and super easy math activity for your little ones.

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