How To Check Jamb iBass For 2022

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Jamb has been using Us to catch cruise “Since 1960“. From Jamb CBT to Jamb Profile, to Jamb CCTV to Jamb Caps to Jamb NIN and More. Now, JAMB IBASS.

JAMB IBASS stands for JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System. According to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), you are required to check your eligible program and institution using the JAMB iBASS.


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What is the Use of Jamb iBass? JAMB IBASS is simply an online and mobile version of the Jamb brochure and syllabus introduced by Jamb to check the Jamb topics, requirements and courses offered by your University, Polytechnic or Colleges of choice.

Before now, candidates are given a hard copy of the Jamb Brochure and syllabus during Jamb registration to enable them check all schools in Nigeria, the courses they offer, whether they accept D7 in some courses and their subject combination. The Jamb syllabus is to check the topics you are required to cover by Jamb in all your four subjects.

But these days, everything has been minimized. This brings us to JAMB IBASS Where the Jamb syllabus and brochure has been merged to be accessible Online. One of the aims of Jamb ibass is to ensure that you apply for a course that your school of choice doesn’t offer.

 Check Course And Institution Using iBass

install jamb ibass

You can either check your Eligible course and institution by visiting the Jamb iBass portal or using the IBASS mobile app. The mobile application offers additional features like study materials, process, CBT Exam guide, Caps and Downloads.

How to Check JAMB IBASS

  1. Visit the jamb ibass portal here
  2. Click on check course eligibility
  3. Choose your school of choice
  4. Enter the course you wish to study
  5. If the course is available in the school, it will display
  6. You will also see your Jamb subject combination
  7. Explore other features available at
  8. Be sure you are studying the right course in the right school
  9. You can now go ahead to register Jamb
  10. Done

How to Use the JAMB IBASS Application

  1. Go to Google Playstore
  2. Search Jamb Ibass
  3. Install the Jamb ibass app
  4. Open the ibass application
  5. Select Installation Path (Default) and Click Install
  6. Allow Jamb Ibass access photos, media and files on your device
  7. The application will open
  8. Choose any Service of your choice

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Hope you have been able to confirm your course and school of choice on JAMB IBASS? Feel free to ask me any question.

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