How To Gain Admission And Study in Cotonou

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In my recent article, I listed the top 10 best Universities to study in Cotonou as a Nigerian. The amazing article sparked up a new question that has continued to trend in my comment box. I am going to share the question (as well as answers) with you right away.

The question is this, “What are the documents needed and how do I gain admission to study in Cotonou as a Nigerian?” I have been researching on this topic for few days. The good news is that I have gotten a complete answer.


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I contacted one of flashlearners students who currently study at a Cotonou University. She had admission issues in Nigeria and decided to give Cotonou a try. She was so excited how easy it was for her to gain admission in Cotonou.

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She supplied only three documents and her admission in Cotonou was sure. Let me share the list of required documents with you:

  1. O-Level Result
  2. Medical Result &
  3. Testimonial.

If you have the three documents above, then you are good to go. The next step is for you to buy the form and register. You are to get the form from the Cotonou University of your choice.

Like I mentioned earlier, getting admission in any Cotonou School is not difficult like you have in Nigeria. Also, the calendar is fast since you won’t have to face continuous strike like ASUU and NASU.

This is the good news I have brought before you today. Feel free to ask me questions via the comment box and don’t fail to share with friends using the social share buttons below. Remain Blessed!

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