I Miss My Library: An Immersive Website To Help You Be Productive

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If you’ve read my previous posts before, such as How To Transform The Way You Study In 7 Days, then you know how important a proper study space is to your productivity. 

One of my favorite places to study, aside from at my desk, is at the library, because the focused energy and atmosphere in the library motivate me to study. Over the summer of 2021, I made a website–– to simulate this atmosphere. Read on to learn more about it!

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What Is I Miss My Library?

IMissMyLibrary is an interactive webpage with various sound effects to imitate the noises in a library. It also has a functional to-do list on the side. Here’s what it looks like:

imissmylibrary page

The website itself is inspired by IMissMyCafe, IMissMyBar, and IMissTheOffice. These are all wonderful websites that each simulate a café, a bar, and an office respectively; check them out if you’d like to try a new study environment!

Why I Made It

As the pandemic spread across the globe, I– like most others– was confined to my home. During this time, ambience websites like IMissMyCafe and LifeAt became popular. I used them often and loved the way they worked and sounded.

However, though I also love to study at cafés, libraries hold a special place in my heart. And once I realized that I couldn’t find a website that simulated the sounds of a library, I decided to create one myself.

How I Made It

Over the summer of 2021, I spent around a month researching and learning how to code a webpage like this. Though I had some experience with Java (an object oriented programming language), I wasn’t as familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (web development languages). So I referenced other websites, read free courses, and took to trial-and-error.

Each week, I spent hours of nonstop research and coding. Eventually, I was able to create a complete and functional version of the website on my local computer. At this point, I reached out to a friend (who studies art) to help me create a piece of art for the website. Once everything was ready, I put the website online.

Since I already manage this blog, I knew how complicated hosting was. Therefore, I decided to go with the simplest route– hosting on Github Pages. And that’s how you see the website today!

How To Use It

Using IMissMyLibrary is super simple, but here’s a quick run through of its two main functions:

To-Do List

To-do list on imissmylibrary

On the left side of the page, there is a to-do list. Here, simply add all the tasks you’d like to complete in your study session– type it in and press enter. Each one will appear under Not Completed.

Once you’ve finished a task, click the checkmark, and it will appear in Completed. If you no longer need or want to continue a task, you can delete it by clicking the trash can icon.

Sound Effects

Immersive sound effects on imissmylibrary

On the right side of the page, there are adjustable sound effects:

  • Rainy Weather
  • Sunny Weather
  • Turning Pages
  • Writing On iPad
  • Fireplace Crackling
  • Typing On Keyboard

For each one, you can play/pause the audio and adjust the volume as you wish. If you’re playing multiple sound effects at once and would like to pause them at the same time, simply check the Pause All box.

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And that’s it for this introduction to IMissMyLibrary! I hope you find this website useful as you’re studying, working, reading, or relaxing. Check it out here.

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