Science Activities with Cardboard Tubes

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We have been using cardboard tubes for everything from craft projects to literacy activities, and even in creative play. You can also use cardboard tubes to explore the world of science with these fun cardboard tube activities. You can make all of these simple cardboard tube science activities by using paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, or even wrapping paper rolls when you’re done with them!

Science Activities with Cardboard Tubes

Teach your kids How to Make a Kaleidoscope using this fun STEM activity for kids.

Learn about forces with this easy DIY Slingshot made with cardboard tubes

Make your own DIY Cardboard Tube Construction Toy for a ton of learning and creative fun.

Use your old toilet paper rolls to make these cool DIY Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Building Blocks for your kids to play with.

Learn about gravity and trajectory with this cool Cardboard Tube Rocket Blaster.

Your kids will love this play pretend DIY Cardboard Fishing Pole idea for outdoor-inspired play.

Your kids will love exploring sound and making their own homemade instrument with this Making a Kazoo activity.

Explore sound frequency with this cool Sound Frequencies Science Activity.

Make a Homemade Spectroscope with a few simple materials to explore the light spectrum.

Make this super easy Homemade Bubble Blower from a Cardboard Roll.

Make this easy Upcycled Catapult using cardboard tubes.

Recycle some household items to make this easy Cardboard Tube Telescope

Teach your kids how to make this Simple Paper Windsock Craft from cardboard tubes.

Kid your kids outside with this Make Your Own Zip Line STEAM Activity

Your kids can make an easy Paper Towel Tube Scale for fun homemade STEAM activities in the classroom.

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

Learn How to Make a Kaleidoscope in this fun STEM activity.

Make Your Own Kaleidoscopes using reflective paper and cardboard tubes. 

Learn How to Make a Teleidoscope using this easy DIY tutorial.

Ball Runs

This Pom Pom Tube Ramp Easy Activity is an essay STEM activity for toddlers.

Your kids will have a blast building their own DIY Magnetic Ball Run.

Use your fridge door to make this fun STEM DIY Magnetic Marble Run.

Make this easy brightly colored DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls

Use cardboard tubes to make this easy Ball Maze.

Nature Science

Explore nature and observe birds when you make this Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder with your kids. 

Learn How to Make a Rainstick Instrument using crafting materials and cardboard tubes.

Teach your kids about growing seeds with these DIY Cardboard Tube Seedling Pots

Games and Activities

This Paper Towel Roll Domino Challenge is a fun STEM activity your younger kids are going to love.

This easy paper plate DIY Ring Toss is a fun way to recycle cardboard tubes.

Let your kids play with their food using this fun Goldfish STEAM Activity.

Explore the power of magnets with these Magnetic Tubes.

Make your own Hot Wheel race track out of recycled cardboard with this fun DIY Recycled Suspension Bridge activity.

Your kids will love building with Straws and Paper Towel Rolls

Teach your kids all about the moon with these Five Moon Activities for Kids

If you have a lot of toilet paper rolls leftover, here are some super simple building activities to help you figure out What to Make With Toilet Paper Rolls

Use leftover cardboard to do this fun Egg Drop Challenge with your kids.

Turn a cardboard box into an easy and fun Ball Maze Hand-Eye Coordination Game 

Build A Hand Crank Winch with your kids to show them how machines work.

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