Student Notion Setup For 2022 (NEW Template)

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Welcome to another Notion post! After the three-part introductory series to Notion– linked below– I think it’s time to share my 2022 Notion setup.

  1. Easy Guide To Using Notion As A Student 
  2. How To Effectively Organize Your Student Life With Notion
  3. My Full Notion Setup As A Student (2021 Edition)

Without further ado, let’s jump into the post. Here is my newest Notion set up as a student (read to the end for the new template)!

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What Is Notion?

Notion is a website and app that allows you to create a completely customized database to organize your life.

You can take notes, add tasks, manage long-term projects, collaborate with teams, and much more. It has a free plan for personal use and a free pro plan for students, and I recommend these instead of the paid ones– they’re totally enough.

To use Notion, simply go to and click Sign Up in the upper right corner. Signing up will ensure that your pages and workspace are saved so that in case of any technical glitch, your data won’t be lost.

Once you’re signed up, go to Download and choose the option you need. In my opinion, the desktop app works best due to the size and flexibility of the computer in comparison to a mobile phone, so I suggest going to Mac & Windows. And now you’re ready to go!

My 2021 (Minimal) Setup

If you read my 2021 version of this post (My Full Notion Setup As A Student), then you’ve seen my minimal Notion page. It looks like this:

Notion homepage to organize your life

If you’d like to download this template for free, visit the post here. This template works perfectly well, and I used it all throughout 2021. However, I decided to change it up for 2022 and completely redesign my setup. Keep reading to see its new look!

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My New Setup


Here’s what my 2022 Notion homepage (all screenshots are from the template I made for you) looks like:

As you can see, there is a section for reflection at the top of the template. Here, there is space for you to write down what you’re grateful for in 2021, what you learned, and your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions.

Then, on the left, you have space to designate a few monthly focuses, as well as a daily to-do list. The morning and evening routine pages also include a gratitude journal and a daily journal. Here’s what the morning routine page looks like:

Morning routine Notion setup for students

On the right, there is a navigation with a few important links and pages. I will go into detail about those pages soon! Meanwhile, take note of the daily habit tracker near the bottom– fill in the leftmost column with habits you’d like to build and check each day that you complete it to make it a routine!

Lastly, at the very bottom, you can track upcoming assignments, due dates, project deadlines, etc, with the academic schedule. They are filtered to show tasks due within the next week and within the next month to maximum efficiency.

Now, let’s get into the various links in the navigation!


Here, you can list a few projects (maybe from your New Year’s Resolutions!) and plan how you’re going to achieve them.

Project planning Notion setup for students

With each goal, you can set progress checks, and for each of those progress checks, you can assign actionable to-dos. By dividing up large projects, you won’t get overwhelmed and are more likely to achieve them!


Here, you can track your classes, academic schedule (this is the same as the one on the homepage), academic plan, and vocabulary (a personal favorite).

School homepage for students in Notion

The classes and online courses databases haven’t changed from the 2021 template. Once you’ve added the class to the database, you can open the individual class and add more information about it, such as copies of the syllabus, Zoom links for your synchronous, online lessons, and even your lecture notes. You can take notes directly in Notion!

The academic schedule on this page is the master database for your due dates. Simply add to-dos, indicate which class it’s for, add a due date, and label what type of task it is (project, assignment, test date, etc).

The academic plan page is a bit more complex. This page is especially useful for high school students applying to college in the US. You can use it to keep track of due dates, organize your awards and extracurriculars, dream schools, scholarships, etc.

College application hub for students in Notion

Lastly, a very intuitive vocabulary page to keep track of new words you’re learning! While you’re reading the news, a book, watching a movie… write down new words you see and expand your vocabulary.


Under the school link is the library link, where you can keep track of books you’re reading this year. I’ve also embedded IMissMyLibrary, an interactive ambiance website made by yours truly.

Library set up in Notion for students

With the bookshelf database, you can add all the books you’ve already read, are currently reading, and want to read. I’ve also included columns for the author, genre, read date, and rating. For each book, you can also open a page and write a review for it!

Keeping an organized database helps motivate me to read more, which is a New Year’s Resolution for me. Try it out!


The expense tracker is super simple and intuitive. 

Notion expense tracker

I have a tag for each month, which helps me organize my expenses and earnings when I filter the table. I only display items for the current month, which I achieve by selecting Filter and adding a filter for where [month] is [current month].

An important thing to remember is that when adding your expenses, don’t forget to add a negative/subtract symbol in front of the number! If you don’t do this, the table will count this number as an earning and not an expense.


My wishlist is another simple table, only slightly different from the 2021 template:

Notion wishlist set up

You can customize the tags for the items on your list and label them however you want. Having a wishlist like this can help you determine which items you really need, and which is just a momentary impulse.

Goal board

Lastly, a goal board to help you list and plan for all the long-term and short-term goals you have this year. Feel free to put your New Year’s Resolutions here, too!

Notion goalboard and vision board

As you progress in a goal or reach it, you can move the card around to the right column. I’ve added the properties type and importance, which simply helps to organize them. You can also add detailed steps or helpful resources to each goal simply by opening each card. 


Congratulations, you got to the end! As promised, I have this exact Notion template for you. You can purchase it here for just $3.95 (make sure to get it before the price raises)! Thank you for supporting me!

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And that’s it! Notion is a super helpful tool, so make sure to use it to your advantage! I wish you a happy and healthy 2022, and remember that you are capable of amazing things.

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