15 Easter Science Experiments & Activities for Your Classroom

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What’s better than a room full of chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs? Well, nothing really, but science experiments come close!  We’ve curated 15 activities to help you celebrate Easter and forget about all the chocolate. For now.

Do you need some fun science experiments and activities to celebrate Easter in your elementary classroom this spring? Here are 15 fun science activities that involve eggs, peeps and more!

We’ve taken the time to categorize the activities into Physical science, Earth science, Life science, and general STEAM categories.  This will help you meet your science requirements.


These Easter science experiments are also a great opportunity to work in a little bit about the Scientific Method and Science Experiments.  Show students how scientists work through a process that asks a question and searches for an answer to that question. 

The Scientific Method Posters and Science Experiment Recording Sheets are a great addition to the 15 Easter Science Experiments. Here are a few photos from the Scientific Method Resource.

15 Easter Science Experiments

Physical Science

Below are ten ideas for Easter experiments and activities that focus on properties of matter, irreversible changes, density, and much more! These experiments will make a great addition to our Third Grade Science Stations Bundle.

Growing and Shrinking Egg

Two fun activities in one! In one, your students can learn about the chemical reaction created by soaking eggs in vinegar.  In the other, they’ll learn about the process of osmosis. Why do some liquids make eggs shrink while others make them grow?

Egg in a bottle

Looking for a way to teach your students about air pressure? Look no further! This activity will teach students about the properties of air pressure while adding a wow factor that will leave an impression.

Crystal Egg

Growing crystals are always an egg-cellent way to teach about sedimentation and chemical reactions. Check out how to make a crystal egg!

Magnetic Eggs

Learning about magnetism? This simple, but engaging activity is a great opportunity to study the properties of magnets.

Easter Egg Rockets

Easter.Egg.Rockets. Need we say more? Your students will love this explosive activity. What makes some chemicals react the way they do when mixed together?

Easter Egg Volcano

Need a new way to decorate Easter eggs? Why not with a volcano? Another twist on the baking soda-vinegar experiment that your students will love!

Inside-Out Egg

A fun and twisted way to teach your students about centrifugal force! It’s simple to put together and creates lots of opportunities to discuss what happens.

Unbreakable Egg

Can you make an unbreakable egg? This fun and super simple experiment will teach students about density, pressure, and force. What makes an egg breakable? What can you do to protect it?

Peeps Play-Dough

Did you know you can make play-dough out of peeps? Take the leftover peeps you have (and you know you have them) and get ready for fun science! Students can learn about the effects different foods and ingredients have on each other, and more.

Dissolving Peeps

Still have extra peeps? We have you covered. Even if you didn’t, the stores will still have lots of them left. This activity will have students hypothesise what liquid will dissolve peeps the quickest. It’s a great activity to utilize the scientific method to the fullest.

Earth Science

The following two activities are a great addition to your earth science studies.  These would go along well with our second-grade science units.

Egg Geodes

Everyone loves geodes! Your students will have fun creating their own with this simple activity. Makes a great opportunity to discuss how real geodes are created.

Life Science

Here is a fabulous activity that focuses on the human body.

Jelly Bean Taste Test

What better way to discuss and test the five senses than with a jelly bean taste test? What sense works best for this test? How do any of the other senses affect the test? Students will love this one and want to test again and again and again!

Easter Color-Changing Flowers

Color-changing flowers are a great idea for science any time of the year. Easter gives your students another opportunity to discuss how stems and petals work while making beautiful pastel-colored flowers!

Do you need some fun science experiments and activities to celebrate Easter in your elementary classroom this spring? Here are 15 fun science activities that involve eggs, peeps and more!

STEAM Activities

These two activities will help your students explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math while having holiday fun!

Egg Drop

We cannot seriously have a list of science experiments with eggs and not have the Egg Drop! Your students will love bringing out their inner engineers in order to develop the best egg-protection contraptions! What are the threats to the egg? How can they design the perfect protection for it? Hours of fun!

Crash Test Racers

So, do your student-engineers want more of a challenge than the Egg Drop? We have you covered! Can they design the perfect race car that can protect the egg in a crash? Give it a shot! The activity will bring hours of enjoyment to your students, and you!

15 Easter Science Experiments & Activities for Your Classroom15 Easter Science Experiments & Activities for Your Classroom

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