20 Fun 100th Day Videos To Help You Celebrate in the Classroom

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09The 100th day of school is always a day worth celebrating. We’ve all been working so hard to stay healthy, focused, and strong, so don’t miss the opportunity to let loose and have some fun! Check out this list of 100th Day videos for the classroom—including counting, brain breaks, and several read alouds to help you mark this important moment in the school year.

Count to 100!

A fun song for 100th day celebrations!

100th Day of School Would You Rather!

Workouts and 100th day? Yes, please!

“Miss Mingo and the 100th Day of School” Read Aloud

It’s the hundredth day of school, and Miss Mingo the Flamingo has quite a day planned for her diverse class of animals.

“The Night Before The 100th Day Of School” Read Aloud

A reading of Natasha Wing’s sweet book!

Jumping for 100 Seconds

Get those bodies moving!

The 100 Days of School Song!

Learn about the number 100 and celebrate with this school song!

“100th Day Worries” Read Aloud

A great way to talk about feelings!

100 Days of School with Grandma and Grandpa

Celebrate with Rockin’ Grandma and Grandpa as they dance their way from 1 to 100.

“Fancy Nancy the 100th Day of School” Read Aloud

Nancy and her class are getting ready for the 100th day of school!

The 100th Day of School Celebration

Ellie Claire narrates a poem she helped to create about the 100th day of school!

“Young Cam Jansen and the 100th Day of School Mystery” Read Aloud

Can your students guess what the mystery is?

Celebrating The 100th Day Of School with Milo the Monster

In this episode of Milo’s World, Milo shows us how he celebrated 100 days of monster school!

“Jake’s 100th Day of School” Read Aloud

Everyone is bringing a collection of things to share, but Jake forgets the 100 family pictures he has glued into a special memory book at home.

100th Day of School Song

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 days of school!

100th Day of School Science

Use this simple activity to introduce the concept of volume and reinforce counting to 100 at the same time!

“Ready, Set, 100th Day!” Read Aloud

Minna wants to come up with a really, really different idea for her “Ready, Set, 100th” project!

100 Days of School Project

A fun activity that kids can do in the classroom or at home!

100th Day of School Workout

Quick feet, squats, frog jumps, and more!

“100th Day of School” Read Aloud

You’ll all be entertained and inspired by the activities in this book!

100th Day Counting

Count by singles and tens up to 100!

Plus, check out 10 Terrific Ways to Celebrate 100th Day.

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20 Fun 100th Day Videos To Help You Celebrate in the Classroom

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