42 STEM Learning Shows On Netflix To Supplement Your Science Curriculum

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Do your kids enjoy watching TV? 

There’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with snacks and blankets and turning on a good movie with your family — even better when you can count it as a school lesson.

When you watch a show that promotes STEM learning — science, technology, engineering, and math — you can most definitely count that time towards school hours (if you’re in a state that requires you to keep track of that information). 

That’s a win all around!

Why Watch STEM Shows With Your Kids

42 STEM Learning Shows On Netflix To Supplement Your Science Curriculum

When you sit down to watch TV in the evenings, you may scoff at the idea of turning on something educational. After all, didn’t you spend all day homeschooling your kids?

Here’s the deal. School doesn’t need to happen between the hours of 8am and 4pm. Your child doesn’t need to sit behind a desk. And you definitely don’t need to limit your learning to textbooks and worksheets.

Learning happens all the time. If you open your mind to the possibility that screen time can be more than recreational, you’ll see that technology is an incredible teaching tool.

Luckily, there are so many streaming services available now that you can pull up a show on any topic with just a few taps on your remote or smart device. 

Netflix has a variety of shows you and your kids can watch together and learn about STEM topics. 

The best part is that they’ve got something for every age — from preschoolers to elementary-age to tweens and teens. 

Check out our list of 42 STEM shows on Netflix below.

42 STEM Shows On Netflix For Curious Kids Of Every Age

  1. Emily’s Wonder Lab
  2. Ada Twist, Scientist
  3. Brainchild
  4. The Magic School Bus
  5. The Magic School Bus Rides Again
  6. The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids In Space
  7. The Magic School Bus Rides Again: In The Zone
  8. Ask the Storybots
  9. A Storybots Space Adventure
  10. Our Planet
  11. Our Planet: Behind The Scenes
  12. Number Blocks
  13. Absurd Planet
  14. Life In Color With David Attenborough
  15. A Life On Our Planet
  16. Tiny Creatures
  17. Izzy’s Koala World
  18. Growing Up Wild
  19. Night On Earth
  20. Night On Earth: Shot In The Dark
  21. Project MC²
  22. You Vs. Wild
  23. You Vs. Wild: Out Cold
  24. Animals on the Loose: A You Vs. Wild Movie
  25. My Octopus Teacher
  26. The Inbestigators
  27. The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That
  28. Down To Earth With Zac Efron
  29. Penguin Town
  30. 72 Cutest Animals
  31. Disney Nature: Ghost Of The Mountains
  32. Disney Nature: Expedition China
  33. Octonauts
  34. If I Were An Animal…
  35. The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved
  36. Untamed Romania
  37. The Speed Cubers
  38. Osmosis Jones
  39. Baking Impossible
  40. Dancing With The Birds
  41. Our Great National Parks
  42. Puff: Wonders Of The Reef

You don’t need to pay a premium for cable to get quality entertainment and educational content anymore. Streaming services cost only a fraction of what traditional cable companies charge, and with so many choices available, you’ll never run out of new shows to watch. 

Netflix pioneered the streaming trend and, as you can see from the round-up of STEM shows shared above, they’re still bringing their A-game. Bookmark this list and refer back to it when you need some ideas for what to watch with the kids. 

What’s your favorite streaming service? Sound off in the comments below!

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