Color Matching Puzzles

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There are so many different ways that you can practice color recognition with your little ones. In the past I’ve shared more elaborate color matching puzzle mats that focus on more skills and color words. For younger learners or those just beginning to learn colors these simple color matching puzzles are perfect for beginning the conversation. These color matching puzzles provide a fun sensory-friendly option that your kids can use to start recognizing their favorite colors.

This free printable Color Matching Puzzle set is a great way for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice color and color word recognition. We’ve included both options, with and without words, so that you can easily differentiate as needed.


There are a variety of ways to use these color-matching mats.

  • Simply having the puzzle pieces in a small box or bag and letting kids work on matching the puzzles. This is a great busy bag option.
  • Placing the laminated cards in your favorite sensory bin (a bin of rainbow pom poms would be great!). Have kids find the puzzle pieces and then match them.
  • Place the pieces of the puzzle around the room for kids to find. Once they’ve found them all (or think they have!) have them match the puzzles.
Free printable color matching puzzles for pre-k

Extend the activity by having kids gather or sort manipulatives of the same color with each puzzle piece.

If using the color word version, have kids use magnetic letters to spell the color word.

2-part color matching puzzles for preschool

Additional activities to extend learning:

  • Have children place the color cards in rainbow order
  • Kids can copy the words onto paper to help practice writing color words and working on their fine motor skills.
  • Have kids find items around the classroom that correspond with each color.
Free printable quick prep color matching puzzles for prekindergarten


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3-in-1 Color Recognition Digital Google Slides Games Bundle

Help kids practice color recognition with interactive digital games. Choose from three different sets available in Google Slides and Seesaw formats as well as a PDF printable option.

This 3-in-1 bundle includes three interactive, self-checking games to help children practice color recognition.

They can be used for:

  • Distance learning
  • Tablet or computer center options in the classroom

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