Forms of Energy Sort for Fourth Grade Science Stations

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Teach students about different types of energy with a SORT about Forms of Energy aligned with the Next Generation Science Stations for Fourth Grade. In this station, students will sort the cards based on the different types of energy that each demonstrates.

Teach students about forms of energy with this science station. Includes kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, sound energy, and electrical energy. This sorting center includes a reading passage to build background knowledge about nerve cells as well as differentiated questions to assess your students' comprehension.

What is Included in the Forms of Energy Sort Station

Included in the Sort about the Forms of Energy are:

  • Larger table-group color sorting cards
  • Smaller cut and paste sort for individual students
  • Differentiated questions in short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple-choice formats. Worksheet and task cards are included for some options.
  • Answer key

Forms of Energy Sort for Table Groups

There are two ways to do this sort. One way is in table groups where students collaboratively look at the images on the sort cards and determine what form of energy each demonstrates.

There are different types of energy that students will learn about from this activity: kinetic, electrical, thermal, sound, and potential energy.

This sort has colorful image cards that students analyze and decide which type of energy each object represents. The cards have items like a whistle (sound energy), fire (thermal energy), and a fan (electrical energy) to name a few from the sort.

Cut and Paste Sort Option

The second way to do the sort is a cut and paste option. Students can do both options: sort color option as a whole group and the cut and paste option individually. Or you can choose to have students do only one option.

The cut and paste option is all in black and white and a worksheet format. After reading the informational passage, students look at the images and then sort them into the correct type of energy: kinetic, potential, electrical, thermal, or sound.

Differentiated Responses

Like all of our science stations, differentiated responses are available for students to demonstrate their understanding. Below is an example of the Short Answer worksheet. Fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-choice task cards are also available.

How to Purchase the Forms of Energy Science Station

This Forms of Energy Sort Science Station can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is sold individually and part of a whole Sorts for Fourth Grade Science Stations. Also available is a Fourth Grade NGSS Science Station BUNDLE.

Would you like a Free Science Station?

I have a set of free science stations for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Click here or the image below to access them.

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Forms of Energy Sort for Fourth Grade Science Stations

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