Parts Of A Flower Lesson Printable

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My son is currently learning about flowers and their role in plant reproduction. We could have just read about flowers and called it good, but what’s the fun in that? We decided to make it more hands-on flower lesson. Here’s how you can, too.

Parts Of The Flower Lesson Printable <
Head outside and collect different types of flowers from your flower beds or flower pots. Notice their varying colors, shapes, sizes, and number of petals. You can even grab a bouquet of flowers from the floral section of your local supermarket.

Identify wildflowers using a wildflower guide. You can find wildflowers in a field, in the woods, or even along the road. The types of flowers you find will vary throughout the growing season.

Flower parts lesson printable - The Homeschool Scientist
Dissect the flowers you collect so you can study their parts up close. Use this flower dissection post as a guide. You can also check out my botany Pinterest board.

Parts of a Flower Lesson Printable

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You can use this Parts Of The Flower lesson printable as a resource to help learn the parts of a flower and identify them on the flowers you collected. Diagrams, labeling, and sketching help students learn and remember the terms they need to know. Fill out the form below to subscribe to The Homeschool Scientist emails and you will get a copy in your inbox!

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Also, you may want to add our Life Cycle of a Plant printables to your botany study. READ MORE HERE.

Life cycle of a plant worksheets for bean plant and sunflower plant
Parts Of The Flower Lesson Printable - The Homeschool Scientist

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