Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Activities to Support Early Readers

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When it comes to teaching, reading skills are essential. Reading is the method of absorbing information from every other content area. This is why a solid foundation in early reading skills is so important for little ones like your kindergarteners and primary students.

I already shared how I came up with my Short A Blending Cards, but I have found them so successful both at home and at school that I have created more blending card sets, each with different letter sounds. But we all know that students need repetition in many different contexts to achieve fluency. Blending Cards (as much as I love them) will only get us so far. If you’re looking for some variety, here are Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Activities to Engage Your Emergent Readers!

1. Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is an important early reading skill young learners to develop. It is the ability to play with sounds in a variety of ways to manipulate, substitute, and hear isolated sounds. It is an essential skill to develop before a student begin learning to read.

Here is a post all about phonemic awareness.

Phonemic Awareness is an important early reading skill for preschoolers and kindergarteners to develop. Do you know what it is and how to teach it? Teaching Reading | Teaching Language Arts | Early Elementary | Remedial Reading | Reading Foundation | Early Childhood Education | Preparing Kids for Kindergarten | Kindergarten Preparation

2. Segmenting and Blending Activities

Two important skills that early readers must develop are the ability to blend and segment words. Blending involves pulling together individual sounds or syllables within words; segmenting involves breaking words down into individual sounds or syllables. These are two different foundational skills that will assist children in the art of reading for most of their reading career.

Blending and segmenting can be done with both phonemic awareness activities above and phonics activities below.

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