Celebrate Pi Day!

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What Is Pi?

Pi (3.14159265359…) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter. If you divide the circumference of any circle by the diameter, you will always get exactly the same number, Pi.  Mathematicians use the symbol π to represent pi. That makes the formula for the relationship of the circumference of a circle to the diameter π= c/d.

While Pi is a constant, it is also irrational, meaning the number goes on forever, or infinite. You can see the first million digits at, but you can never see the last number.

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Learning About Pi

Anytime we assign a number or concept a symbol, it can seem complex and hard to understand. This isn’t true with pi. We can demonstrate pi with a hands-on activity that will make π easy to understand.

demonstrating Pi with string
This History off Pi video gives more information about the history and how the calculation of π has developed over the centuries. It is geared for your middle and high school students.

If your family loves math, check out Danica McKellar’s math books.

Here are some other pi lessons and activities :

Books About Pi

Celebrate Pi Day!

Pi Day is celebrated each year on March 14 (3/14). There is even a website,, dedicated to the celebration of this irrational number. You can join the party by having some fun with pi! Here are some ideas:

Pi Activity - Make A Cityscape <

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Pi Day Lessons and Activities for multiple ages.

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