How To Fall In Love With Mathematics

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It is no news that many persons don’t Love Mathematics. In fact, It has long become a “National Anthem” that Mathematics is a very difficult Subject. Learn how to Fall in Love with Mathematics Today.

Just like Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics doesn’t need random approach. The way you handle a subject should be proportional to the nature of the course. Failure to understand this is what makes Maths difficult for Students.


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Some Students even shiver at the mention of the subject “Mathematics”. The truth of the matter is that Mathematics is not as difficult as painted. Follow the Steps below to Fall in love with Mathematics:


Don’t Be Difficult

One of the reasons Mathematics is still difficult to you is that you still have a fixed mindset towards the course. You have concluded that the course is not your calling. Let me quickly submit to you that your mindset determines your life set.

Until your mind is reset, your life may not be settled. Replace your negative thought towards Maths with positive ones. From today, begin to tell yourself that Mathematics is easy, say “I love Mathematics”. This is where the love begins.

Constant Practice

Apostle Paul expressed dissatisfaction with those in Thessalonica because they never engaged in research.

This is because those in Berea were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word of God with all readiness of mind and did some research to know whether they have been thought the right thing.

One of the secrets of Mathematics scholars is constant practice. The more you practice, the more you will be familiar with the course and the better for you.

Start answering at least one Maths question every day. Doing this for two months will bring about a Mathematics turn around for you. Constant practice unlocks your potentials.

Ask Questions

Have you solved a Mathematics  problem up to a point where you are confused? If yes, it is still not enough reason to give up. All you need to do is ask questions; keep on asking questions because their is no law against it.

Even in class, ask your lecturers questions; Persist until you get answers. Tell people your weak point in Mathematics so as to enable them help you better.

Test Yourself

Once in a while, set questions for yourself and attempt to answer them. You may also want to answer questions from several other Maths text books. Just engage yourself in question and answers. When you make mistakes in test, do not be discouraged. Rather, learn from your mistakes.

Follow Mathematicians

No matter how difficult Mathematics may be for you, there are other students who take Mathematics for Break fast and dinner. Meet someone to correctly introduce you to Mathematics.

The absence of mentor is the presence of tormentors. Have someone you look up to in Mathematics to inspire you.

There is no where you want to go in life that someone else hasn’t gone to. Meet them and learn from their mistakes you. One reason you should choose a mentor wisely is that your mentor’s weakness becomes your weakness.

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Teach Mathematics

You may be wondering, how do I teach people Mathematics when I am not very good at it? No matter how poor you are in the subject, there are people you are better than.

Teaching people the little that you know boosts your confidence and makes you learn more. Teaching others will make you Love Mathematics.

Research shows that when you teach others, you remember 90% of what you have learn’t. Teach others the little you know. This will make you very good at  Mathematics. Fall in love with it today and you will never experience a heart break.

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