Jamb Profile Email Linking, Issues & Solutions

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To Link Email to Jamb Profile, Open SMS App, Type Email and send it to 55019.

Ensure to Change to your own Email before sending the message for Jamb Profile Email Linking. Feel free to use any Email you have access to.


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Jamb Profile eMail linking is as easy as ABC. However, many candidates are facing issues trying to link Email to Jamb Profile.

Remember, your eMail must be linked to Jamb Profile before you can access Jamb CAPS or check your admission status and do correction of Data.

Popular errors Jamb candidates are getting when trying to link Email to Jamb profile are Invalid eMail format and email not matching.

How to Correctly Link Email With Jamb Profile

The following are the right ways of Linking Email to Jamb Profile:

  • Send eMail youremail youremail to 55019
  • Type Email leave a space and type your email address
  • You must type your Own Email Twice
  • Ensure there is space between your Emails
  • Make sure you have N100 airtime or more
  • Make sure you sent your Email to 55019
  • Your two emails but be in the same case
  • Make sure your emails are in small letters

You will be told insufficient balance if you don’t have enough airtime on your phone. Make sure you have sufficient airtime before you begin Jamb Profile Email Linking.

Solutions to Invalid eMail Format

There are many reasons Jamb will tell you Invalid eMail format as you send Email to 55019.

The first reason Jamb will say your Email is invalid is when you don’t type it correctly. For example, if you type flashisaac, you will notice that there is a space between flashisaac and @. Make sure your Emails are typed correctly.

Another reason for invalid eMail format when linking Email with Jamb is when your email address is too long.

If your email is too long, as you type in your SMS box, some parts of the Email will cut and form a new line. This will return the Invalid Email error. The solution to this is to try truecaller message feature or create a shorter email.

How to link Email to your Jamb profile in 2022 CBT, Problems and Solutions. I hope you found this article helpful? Let me know your Questions and worries.

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