Plant Life Cycle Books for Elementary Students

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Plants are all around us, from the flowers and trees to the vegetables we eat. These books explore the science behind plants, including their parts, how they grow, and what purpose they serve. They have beautiful illustrations and are easy for young readers to comprehend and even read independently. Each of these books is a great option for young readers wanting to explore the plants and flowers that make up the world around them.

Are you teaching about plant life cycles this spring? Here are some awesome picture books that go in-depth about this science topic. These books are great for a kindergarten, first grade, second grade, or third grade classroom of students to learn all about the life cycle of plants!

From Seed to Plant – Gail Gibbons
Grade: Pre-K – 3

This book is a simple introduction to pollination, seed dispersal, and growth from seed to plant. Simple language and bright illustrations make this book a great way for young learners to explore plants. It even includes a fun seed planting project idea.

The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants – Kay Barnham & Maddie Frost
Grade: K-3

Explore the journey from seed to sapling, and beyond. This book has charming illustrations and engaging texts that make this book a favorite for children. It also includes notes for parents and teachers at the end to encourage more exploration and learning.

Flowers (Plant Parts) – Vijaya Khisty Bodach
Grade: K-1

Discover the science of flowers! This book includes full-color photographs and easy to follow text that introduces young readers to the basics of botany. This book is designed to help new readers read independently, making it a great choice for any child.

National Geographic Readers: Plants – Kathryn Williams
Grade: PreK- K

Readers of all ages will learn about plants, including how they grow, as well as the different parts of plants, seeds, and flowers. This book is full of beautiful photographs and scientific facts about plants.

TIME for Kids: How Plants Grow – Dona Herweck Rice
Grade: 1-2

Readers will learn about the parts of the plant, including seeds, roots, and leaves, as well as the steps to make plants grow. This book includes clear, vivid photos and simple, informative text.

What Makes a Plant? – Christina Hill
Grade: 1-2

This book teaches all about the plant life cycle, and what plants need to grow from tiny seeds to beautiful flowers and gigantic trees. This book has vibrant images and easy to read text. This book includes an engaging science activity, as well as practice problems to further students learning.

National Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant – Kristin Baird Rattini
Grade: PreK-1

This lively, educational reader explores plants from seed pollination to plant growth. This book includes careful text and beautiful photographs, and also explores what plants need to thrive.

Seeds (Plant Parts) – Vijaya Khisty Bodach
Grade: K-1

Discover the beautiful science of seeds, including what they are, how they spread, and how they grow! This book includes full-color photos and easy-to-follow text that allows young readers to read independently.

The Tiny Seed – Eric Carle
Grade: PreK-3

This classic Eric Carle story follows the life cycle of a flower, told through the adventures of a tiny seed. It even includes a detachable piece of seed-embedded paper that readers can plant and watch bloom into their very own wildflowers.

The Vegetables We Eat – Gail Gibbons
Grade: K-3

Colorful watercolors and straightforward text in this book explore up close and personal with vegetables, including how they grow, how they get to stores, and how many kinds there are.

The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grownups – Gina Ingoglia
Grade: 2-3

How do trees grow? Why do leaves change? This book answers kids’ tree related questions in an easy to understand way. This book is illustrated with beautiful botanical watercolor images, including life-size depictions of leaves, flowers, and seeds.

How a Seed Grows – Helene J. Jordan
Grade: PreK – 3

This easy to read picture book shows how little seeds become the plants and trees that surround us. This book also includes a find out more activity section with a simple experiment encouraging children to discover what seeds need to grow.

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Plant Life Cycle Books for Elementary Students

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