This Teacher’s TikTok Might Inspire You to Swap Your Go-To Dry Erase Markers

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When it comes to the battle between dry erase markers, most teachers will tell you they reach for EXPO. We even gave it the top rank in our rundown of the best dry erase markers out there. However, one teacher on social media might inspire you to switch things up.

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TikTok user Mx. Ramirez explained, “I started using Crayola Take Note dry erase markers. Let me show you how beautiful these colors are.” Take a look at the bright shades:


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Of course, commenters wanted to see how these dry erase markers sized up in a side-by-side showdown. Mx. Ramirez used markers taken straight out of each brand’s box to keep it a fair fight.


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As Mx. Ramirez points out in both clips, the yellow Crayola Take Note is undeniably impressive—especially considering regular EXPO packs don’t include that color at all. (You can find it in their neon packs, though.)

And for those worried about streaks or marks after erasing markers with such vibrant color, Mx. Ramirez made yet another video. This time, they showed how well the black marker wipes away instantly, after an hour, and after three hours.


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Aside from the visual comparisons, the price of EXPO markers and Crayola Take Note markers seem to be pretty similar. They’re both currently about $12 for a dozen, but EXPO can fluctuate a bit higher.

This debate reminds us of another teacher favorite that was recently called into question on our WeAreTeachers Helpline Facebook group: “Unpopular opinion: FriXion Erasable Marker Pens are a million times better than Flair Pens.” That might sound like fighting words, but there were a lot of teachers agreeing in the comments!

Do you have another favorite marker or pen brand we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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