Easy Spider Craft with Spider Web

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This easy spider craft that includes a spider web requires a common supplies and teaches young children about the parts of a spider.

These little creatures are mighty builders! Spider’s silk has been proven to be stronger than steel. In the video below, 25,000 strands of spider silk was compared to its equivalent in 28-gauge steel wire. From a mass perspective, the 25,000 strands of spider silk demonstrated more tensile strength than the 28-gauge steel wire. The wire held a container full of 12 ounces of water; the silk held a container of 26 ounces of water!


Easy Spider Craft and Spider Web Activity for Kids

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Before starting this spider craft, click here to open the anatomy of a spider sheet and labels. Print out the labels and use the labeled picture as a guide.

CLICKER HERE TO OPEN THE PDF. The file opens from Amazon Web Service and is an encrypted file. If you have a browser or security software that will not open the file, please email us at customerservice at thehomeschoolscientist dot com.

Spider Craft for Kids

In this spider craft make a web and spider from a few craft supplies. Then, label the parts of a spider using the printable labels.

Yield: 1 spider and web


  • 1 6″ (circumference) Styrofoam ball

  • 8 Chenille sticks, color of your choice You will need 4 for the legs.

  • Craft pain in varying colors

  • 6 to 12 “Googly” eyes

  • 3-4 Toothpicks You only use 2, but have a few on hand.

  • Several yards of yarn

  • 1 Styrofroam or paper plate

  • Glue

  • Scissors


  • Read a book about spiders. Here are four we have used and enjoyed:
    • Anansi the Spider is a traditional Ashanti tale
    • Are You a Spider by Judy Allen
    • Spiders by National Geographic
    • I”m Trying to Like Spiders

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