Emotions Emergent Reader

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Teaching young children about feelings and emotions can be hard. They certainly feel big emotions, but they don’t always recognize signals that big emotions are coming or know how to verbalize how they are feeling. Using activities to teach them is a great way to help kids identify social emotional cues in addition to getting a conversation started on the subject. This activity will allow your kids to learn about their own feelings and changes in their moods. This activity not only saves me time when planning but also exposes my preschoolers and kindergarteners to a variety of different skills at once. We used this emotions emergent reader to go with our emotion and feelings theme. The repetitive and simple text as a way for my students to just get used to concepts of print and beginning sight words.


Emotions Emergent Reader

This emotions emergent reader was created with quick prep formatting, making it easy to cut and staple without the need for extra sorting or folding afterward. This is a huge time saver when preparing a set of books for your class. You can also see all the pages included in this free printable.

Free printable SEL skills book for kids

This emotions emergent reader is written in a way that will allow kindergarten and first-grade students to read repetitive text while also using phonetic spelling to add in their own responses.

Free Printable Feelings Book for Kids

Younger students can draw a picture and have the teacher add in the written text as well. I recommend providing multicultural crayons for students to show different skin tones.

Free printable beginning reader for social emotional development

Your kids can color each page and learn more about emotions. This can be done as a morning arrival activity, or you can have kids color as they listen to a favorite picture book about emotions and feelings.

Free printable emotions book for prek and kindergarten

Pair this feelings book with how How I Feel play dough invitation to extended the conversation and learning opportunities.


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Easy Prep Feelings Emergent Reader for Kindergarten and First Grade

A Full Week of Fun & Learning with Emotions Theme Lesson Plans

Watch this short video to see just a few examples of the types of activities and printables included in this set:

This set includes active hands-on learning ideas and the following printables:

  • Emotions Cards with Labels (in color and b/w)
  • Helpful and Hurtful Choices Sorting Cards and Discussion Prompts (in color and b/w)
  • How I’m Feeling Emotions Mats for Play Dough, Drawing and Loose Parts (in color and b/w)
  • How I Feel Emergent Reader (3 versions)
  • Emotions Number Cards 0-35 (in color and b/w)
  • Emotions Roll and Graph (in color and b/w)
  • Emotions Picture-Word Cards (in color and b/w)
  • Emotions Puzzles (in color and b/w)


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