Pantry ABC Scavenger Hunt

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You’re never too old for a scavenger hunt! If your kids are anything like mine, then they love any excuse to search for hidden items! If you are looking for a fun idea to do on those days when your kids are stuck at home, and encourage them to learn the alphabet, you can’t go wrong with this Pantry ABC Scavenger Hunt. Print out these recording sheets, and your kids will have a blast trying to identify each letter of the alphabet in a real-world scenario! Your kids can also practice word sounds and letter recognition with this activity.

Teaching in a classroom? No worries! Have kids bring in some old boxes and other items and stock some pretend “pantry” shelves to use for this activity. It’s a great way to explore environmental print.


This is a great activity to do with your preschoolers, or even kindergarteners and first graders. Your kids can do this with a parent, sibling, or even a friend too. Kids will search for an item that matches each letter of the alphabet until they have collected them all.

If you’re in a pinch and are looking for a quick and easy activity to do with your kids to keep them busy while weaving in a bit of playful learning, our free pantry scavenger hunt will come in handy. It’s also a sneaky way to keep them occupied while you are making dinner!

To get started all you have to do is print out the printable and then encourage your kids to look at the packages to find each letter of the alphabet.

Free printable pantry alphabet scavenger hunt in uppercase and lowercase


Grab a clipboard or let kids simply place their paper on the table or floor. Encourage kids to look at the packages on foods in the pantry or kitchen cabinets to find each letter of the alphabet.

Be sure to model how to use gentle hands when touching glass jars. As kids find each letter have them color it on their scavenger hunt page. 

This can be done independently or with a helper. 

Free printable ABC scavenger hunt alphabet activities


Consider having kids bring in food boxes from home and set them up in a pretend play kitchen pantry to use for this activity. 

It would make a great literacy extension to the home living dramatic play center.

Free printable letter hunt for preschool


Try these additional activities to extend the learning with this pantry scavenger hunt.

  • Have kids say the name of the letter and the letter sound. 
  • Discuss which words (Cheerios, Raisins, etc) the child recognizes on the environmental print on the packages.
Free printable letter hunt for prek and kindergarten

Complete the form below to get your free Pantry ABC Scavenger Hunt!


This magnetic letter sorting set will give kids the opportunity to:

  • Recognize distinguishing features of letters
  • Sort by letter
  • Work on name recognition
  • Work with sight words
  • Work on color recognition

This 311-page set includes:

  • Large sorting sheets
  • Small sorting sheets
  • Sorting cards
  • Printable letters

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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