Weekend homeschool links: May 20th

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My Introverted Moms’ Community just reopened to new members who’d like to join our summer semester. If you’re interested in literary life coaching, habit help, and meeting kindred spirits, you’ll fit in perfectly with us!

Here’s what one of our members recently said:

“I just want to say again, thank all of you for your help and support. When I’m at the end of my rope or feel like giving up, I can come here. I find kindred souls…people who felt like throwing in the towel but kept on. You have been a lifeline for me the past few months, and I’m not sure I will ever be able to say how much it has meant to me!” ~ Amanda

Click here to watch my Summer Overview video and download the full calendar to find out more–enrollment is open through next Wed, May 25th!

Weekend homeschool links:

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