10 Tips To Lead A Team Meeting In 2022

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With every passing day, people assemble for a common purpose. A Team meeting can hold in schools, offices, religious arenas, and political gatherings.

For every Team Meeting, there must be a Team Leader. One day, you would be called upon to lead a team meeting. These are hot cake tips to help you lead a Team Meeting in 2022.


1. Prioritize Collaboration

Sometimes a lot of the information you might share in a meeting can easily be shared through messaging apps.

Let your team spend more meeting time bouncing informed ideas off each other and less time just listening to a grocery list of stats and announcements.

2. Give meeting positions

There’s often a lot to do to run a productive meeting: take notes, stay on agenda, and make sure everyone is heard. 

Delegate responsibilities to different team members, making the meeting run smoothly while also teaching your team how to lead.

4 Important Meeting Roles:

  • Leader: In charge of creating the agenda and picking a place and time for the meeting.
  • Recorder: In charge of collaborating on and sharing the agenda before the meeting.
  • Timekeeper: In charge of ensuring the meeting stays on schedule.
  • Devil’s advocate: In charge of challenging the team’s assumptions or ideas.

3. Ask For Feedback

Before you create the meeting agenda, ask your entire team for input. Maybe they have ideas they want to flesh out or brainstorms they want to conduct.

4. Create a plan 

Your meeting plan should summarize what your team will do throughout the meeting, and what objectives they aim to achieve. It should be distributed to each team member at least a day before the meeting takes place.

Let Team Members know: 

  • The meeting schedule
  • meeting location
  • Purpose of the meeting
  • Attendee list
  • Meeting agenda and objectives

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5. Offer Everyone Opportunity To Speaker

You need to safeguard members chances to speak up and check the interrupters on your team. Some people are more comfortable speaking up in public. Some aren’t. It’s mostly the latter for whom you need to facilitate opportunities to talk. 

To do this, you can first start by asking your team before the meeting if they have anything to share. Then, in the meeting agenda, you can make time slots for these individuals.

6. Ask Questions In Team Meeting

To get your team talking about their feelings, challenges, and wants, ask questions in your monthly team meetings. Examples of questions to ask are:

  • What was our biggest accomplishment this month? 
  • What was our biggest challenge this month?
  • What resources would help you succeed? 
  • What’s something we can improve in the company?

Don’t just ask questions or seek contribution of team members. You must be ready to implement suggestions raised in the team meeting.

7. Send Meeting Overview

Someone needs to capture all of the meeting notes, summarize the takeaways, and then send the meeting minutes.

This is especially useful for those prone to distractions during meetings. Now they can look over what they missed in a tidy document.

8. Build a Strong Community

Your team is a micro-community. You all depend on one another. You all work together toward the same initiatives. You have each other’s backs, whether defending them or lightly nudging them forward toward growth. Your meetings are great chances to build your team values and connect as individuals — to deepen your community. 

Did you find this helpful? Feel free to share with others and don’t fail to ask questions using the comment box.

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