15 Must-Use Tools For YouTubers In 2022

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Vlogging is an essential branch of Digital Marketing. YouTube has gained huge exposure and there has been a big rise in the number of YouTubers World Wide.

The dream of every YouTube Channel Owner is to gain many subscribers and views. In fact, YouTubers are only allowed for Monetization after hitting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view.

Now, there are numerous applications and tools that will make your YouTube journey smoother. These apps can help you create, edit, promote, monetize and analyze your Youtube channel.


1. Tubebuddy

For YouTube Analytics…

 Tubebuddy is a useful tool for managing, optimizing, and growing your YouTube channel. It offers advanced analytics and data, rank tracking capabilities, and bulk processing features which makes it the overall best marketing tool for YouTube.

Tubebuddy can be used to create thumbnails and it also offers Keyword Explorer and Search Rank Tracking, which will help you find more ideas and rank better in YouTube search results.

2. YouTube Studio

A free tool for marketing and analytics...

This is one of the most important Tools for YouTubers all over the world. YouTube video performance, content editing, views checking, subscribers, and earnings update.

3. Vidiq

For Keywords and Tracking Competitors…

To delve into your competitor’s data and find out what tags are they using. Vidiq also has a strong set of YouTube SEO features that helps create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.

4. Keyword Tool 

Tool for keyword research…

Use this tool to generate highly relevant long-tail keywords about a particular topic.

5. Vidooly

YouTube videos ranking checker…

It is an Online Video analytics tool that provides insights & measurements such as rankings, audience insights, brand safety scores, audience overlap, and more for YouTube videos.

6. SocialBlade Statistics App

Used to track youtube statistics…

SocialBlade is a popular stats tracking that is used by most professional YouTubers.

7. BuzzSumo

For video ideas and youtube trends…

Helps you find more relevant ideas for your audience. It can also be used to find what is trending on YouTube.

8. Canva

For generating a youtube thumbnail…

Use this to create stunning thumbnails for your videos with its professionally designed templates. Its drag-and-drop interface allows even newbies to create awesome thumbnails.

9. YouTube Studio Audio Library 

Music and Videos for YouTube…

In case you haven’t already heard about this, then YouTube Studio also has a collection of free to use music and sound effects.

10. NoCopyrightSounds

Where you can get free music to use on your channel…

This is a YouTube channel with a collection of No Copyright music.

11. OBS Studio

To stream videos on youtube

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Other YouTube streaming tools are Restream, StreamYard and

12. Camtasia

Top-notch Youtube Screencast tool…

Use Camtasia to easily capture screenshots from your videos. This tool is also a powerful screen saver.

13. Wondershare Filmora

A Simple YouTube video editing software…

Filmora is a beginner-friendly modern video editing software. Its clear interface, wide range of features, and reasonable price make it the best option for everyone especially newbies.

For advanced video editing tools, try Apple Final Cut Pro, AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

14. Rev

A good tool for YouTube Caption… is a group of service providers for audio transcription, video captioning, and subtitling. Rev has the largest network of professional transcriptionists in the U.S with most of them native English-speaking.

15. Marketing tool for YouTube…

Google Trends is well-known popularity showing website. But what most people don’t know is that we can also use it for YouTube. You can choose YouTube Search in your Google Trends and use it for free to find more ideas for your YouTube channel.

Other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools for YouTube are Ahrefs, AccuRanker and TubeBuddy.

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