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This  CTC Math review is based on  22 years of homeschooling and 22 years of changing math curriculum OFTEN. Sticking with a math curriculum from year to year has been difficult for me.

Our homeschool math selections have been VARIED. Every.single.year I changed up our math. If I had to do it over, I would not repeat that strategy. But when you have a visual learner and an auditory learner,  and a student with a math learning difference, the traditional workbook approach doesn’t work well.

We have tried:

  • Math manipulatives
  • A dvd-based program
  • Traditional textbooks
  • Tutors

We really needed a math curriculum that incorporated a visual presentation that went step by step and presented information in a concrete way. We also need auditory input, as we have a student with a learning difference.

I was asked to review CTC Math, and although I have received compensation for this review, the review and the video  are my honest feedback.

After reading what we liked about CTC math, watch the video to see a visual explanation of these outstanding features.

CTC Math Review

Our Review of CTC Math

While the price of a curriculum is an important criteria for me when selecting curriculum, the resource must really meet a child’s learning style and work with any learning differences. Secondly, it has to be easy for all of us to use. We have used some dvd-based curriculum in the past, and it left us frustrated because we couldn’t easily repeat a lesson, go back and review questions & solutions, or adjust the scheduling of assignments.

Honestly, I went into this review with that past not-so-pleasant experience with a digital math program.

CTC Math blew me away!

I decided to make a Top 12 List of Favorite Features! (Although the video presents 10.)

Here is what I really like about CTC Math.

  1. The student portal is easy to use and the visual presentation of information in each lesson is simple and concrete.

Years ago, we tried a more animated game-like approach to early math. It was a disaster for us, as our kids learned to “game the system” so to speak.  A more gamified approach is fine for math practice outside of the formal curriculum. But, we have found a very focused, unbusy presentation works best.

The presentation of information in the CTC learning environment clearly presents the graphics without distraction. Our child with a learning difference really needs a presentation that is unbusy and makes it obvious how to visually progress through the practice problems during the video lesson portion.

  1. CTC Math has an intuitive, self-paced interface. Our student described the student interface in the lesson as uncomplicated and easy to follow. Your student can watch the video (full screen, which is important), download worksheets, replay video while working, and then input their answers. The intuitive layout makes it easy for students to know where to start and what to do next.
  2. The audio, video, and print presentation to help students retain information regardless of their learning style.
  3. Help navigating the portal is easy to find and in video format. If you or your student have questions on features of the program or how to navigate the portal, help is available in video format so you can see exactly where and how to access what you need.
  4. Parents can easily see areas of strength and struggle. The parent’s control panel provides total transparency and visibility to all activity. A detailed listing of when your student logged in, what they accomplished, how they scored, and how long it took is on the parent’s main dashboard.
  5. Diagnostic tests are available throughout the course and you can control how many questions to place on the test. You can opt to have 16, 24, or 32 questions on the test I LOVE this! With a student with dyscalculia, these diagnostic tests REALLY helped us both understand the level of comprehension on specific concepts. So, it’s not just a placement test before enrolling in CTC Math, there are diagnostic tests throughout the year.

 I am not a big proponent of tests in K-2nd grade. I want to see mastery, which is easy to see on the parent dashboard. Yet, in those younger years I don’t want my child stressing over tests. This was especially important for us with our child with dyscalculia.


  1. It’s easy to plan the year, you can see the full layout of the course over the school year, the order of the concepts taught. Parents can print a PDF checklist of all lessons to have a hard copy of progress. This is so helpful if you have to submit information at the end of the year.
  2. Assigning lessons and changing the due dates once assigned is so easy! Our homeschool schedule is going to in a different direction than planned, so being able to easily adjust due dates avoids confusion.
  3. Parents and student have access to reports. Personally, I like to have a hard copy of records; I want to see where we’ve been and what’s left to do. It’s handy to have this printout to attach into a planner.
  4. CTC Math uses a sequential approach. We much prefer the logical presentation of the sequential approach and have had frustration in our homeschool by spiral math programs that spend a lot of time repeating information that was covered in previous grades.
  5. The price is VERY REASONABLE. Parents homeschooling multiple grades, CTC Math is a DEAL. Their family rates is affordable. PLUS, if your student finishes one grade during your one-year subscription time, you can move onto another grade.
  6. If your child finishes one grade level during the subscription time, they can move onto the next grade at no extra charge!

CTC Math helps your student can work independently. They log into the student portal and immediately can see what is assigned and when tests are scheduled. I am a big proponent of our homeschool students becoming increasingly independent in their learning, especially as they enter the critical middle school years, so by the time they reach high school, they are well on their way to learning good time management skills.

Time management and planning our work is an important life skill regardless of post-high school graduation plans. Providing our students with curriculum that helps them build independence is an important part of the curriculum selection process.

My daughter worked the Algebra II level and provided her review comments of CTC Math. Here is what she liked:

  • It is easy to navigate.
  • The lessons are simple and straightforward.
  • The answering process is uncomplicated.

Head over to CTC Math and enroll in their FREE TRIAL.

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CTC Math Review

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