Printed Fruit Summer Art Project for Kids

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Today’s sweet fruit summer art project is sure to brighten your day as we create slices of watermelon, oranges, and lemons using a potato masher. Little fingers will hop about as we stamp our favorite fruit slices using vivid fluorescent colors. Your senses will come alive as smell and taste are activated and incorporated into the art-making process. Get your taste buds ready and your creative juices flowing! This fun and fruity art project is perfect for a Summer theme in preschool and homeschool classrooms!

Want even more watermelon theme ideas? Continue the fun with a full week of watermelon play and learning with our printable lesson plans for home preschool and preschool.

Printed Fruit Summer Art Project for Kids

Art & Food

Before beginning this art activity head to the refrigerator and gather some fruit to inspect and study as inspiration for your artwork. Have an adult slice a piece of watermelon, cut an orange in half, and cut a slice of lemon. What do you see and smell? Can you find the seeds? Does it taste sweet or sour? Infusing food discovery into art-making adds another layer of fun and excitement to the art-making process.

Printing with a Potato Masher

I love to use familiar kitchen items in creative ways to make artwork. Potato mashers are the perfect tool as they are easy to grip, fun to use, and readily available! They work well for an art-at-home project, or incorporated into a painting station in the classroom. They can be used solely as a process art activity or combined with a craft project. The negative space in the potato mashers will create the perfect juicy fruit pulp in today’s art activity.

Watermelon Facts for Kids

  • Watermelon is a large, oval fruit.
  • Watermelons are mostly made up of water.
  • The most common watermelons are red inside, but there are also orange, yellow, and white watermelons.
Watermelon Fruit Art Project for Kids

Orange Facts for Kids

  • Orange is a round, citrus fruit.
  • Oranges contain lots of vitamin C.
  • Most oranges are turned into juice.
Orange Art Project for Kids

Lemon Facts for Kids

  • Lemon is a fruit.
  • Lemons are very sour.
  • Lemons are often used in cleaning products.
Lemon Art Project for Kids

Fluorescent Art Supplies

I love to use Crayola Fluorescent Tempera Paint for many art activities. The colors are so bold and vibrant! They are dazzling when combined with black construction paper, but can also work well with other colors. Today the fluorescent paints are perfect for our hot pink watermelon, vivid oranges, and bright yellow lemons. Some other art activities that use Crayola Fluorescent Tempera Paints are Flower Art Project using Kitchen Utensils and Silly Spider Art Project.


  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Crayola Fluorescent Tempera Paint
  • Potato Masher
  • Green Neon Oil Pastel
  • Crayons

Step by Step Directions

1. Scribble Time

Use a crayon to scribble on the background paper to create interest and movement. My students love to “get the scribbles out” with this active and engaging activity. Sometimes it’s okay to scribble!

Creating Background

2. Circle Time

Trace the end of the potato masher onto black paper to make the watermelon.

Trace it onto yellow paper for the lemon and orange paper for the orange.

Making watermelon art project

Important tip: Trace an additional half-inch around the circle to create the rind of the fruit.
Cut out the large circle.

3. Potato Time

Dip the end of the potato masher into the fluorescent tempera paint and stamp in the center of each cut circle. Let the paint dry.

Stamp painting watermelon craft

Cut each circle in half to create slices of the fruit. Color the outside edge of the watermelon slice green to create the rind. You may choose to create a triangle slice of watermelon as well. Instead of cutting the circle in half, cut out a triangle shape.

Fun summer art project for kids

4. Glue Time

Glue all of the slices of fruit to the background paper.

Potato Masher Fruit Art Project for Kids

Talk About Art

  • Identify the fruits in your artwork.
  • Describe how your artwork would smell and taste.
  • What is your favorite fruit?
Summer Craft for Kids-Printmaking

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Learn more about Vin here on his author bio page. Follow along with him on Facebook at Young School Art with Mr. Giannetto and on Instagram @youngschoolartwithmr.g for art project ideas.


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