Ultimate List of Awesome STEM Activities For Kids

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Ultimate List of STEM Activities For Kids

Keep this list of STEM activities for kids handy for use at school and at home. Your kids will have so much fun they will forget they are learning!

I am sure you are familiar with the latest buzzword in education – STEM. Actually, it is more than the latest educational trend.  STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The integration STEM of into education is seen as not only vital for future job security for our children, but also for the future of the U.S. economy and its competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Our high-tech world requires a workforce that is not only comfortable with technology, but one that can solve complex problems. A solid STEM education can deliver this. But, what does that look like?

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Getting Started Doing STEM Activities for Kids

Getting started with STEM activities with your kids doesn’t have to be complicated.

Most important when doing STEM activities is to provide opportunities for exploration and testing of ideas.

Think about it, in any STEM job, people always problem solving and trying to find solutions. That solution may seem unconventional initially, but prototyping and testing might prove the “crazy idea” works very effectively.

It takes confidence and creativity to brainstorm solutions, whether building a garden box at home or repairing a $250,000 CNC machine in a manufacturing facility.

We can help foster science confidence and creativity by providing our children with a hands-on learning environment where your kids enjoy STEM activities with the freedom to brainstorm, test, and try again!

We’ll help you easily and affordably plan some activities using our list of over 70 STEM activities for kids.

Tips for Planning a Time to Do STEM Activities for Kids

Here are a few quick tips for planning STEM time with your family or class:

  • You do not need to be a formally trained engineer, mathematician, coder, or scientist to engage your kids in STEM activities. There are plenty of STEM activities online or in library  books that provide an explanation of the science behind the activity. Just jump into our list of STEM activities for kids and learn right alongside your children!
  • STEM is an exploration that may go down rabbit holes; schedule the activity time and double it! Allow time for children to test ideas and explore. We want our children to own their education–both learning gleaned from formal curriculum and from hands-on activities.
  • Cultivate an environment where it’s okay if an idea doesn’t work; try again! Let your child know that when an idea doesn’t quite work out, it’s an opportunity to get analyze, problem solve, and get the imagination working even more.
  • Simple household materials will suffice. You don’t need fancy supplies or equipment to get started doing STEM activities for kids. We’ve included a list below (along with a printable list) of staples to have on hand.
  • Plan for mess. Take the activity outside or cover the work surface with a dollar store table covering. The flat, disposable foil sheet pans from the dollar store work well, too, and are reusable.
  • If you are just starting to incorporate STEM activities into your homeschool, start slow! Select one or two of the projects below and set aside a STEM afternoon or make it a family time in the evening or on the weekend. It definitely will count as school time.
  • Don’t abandon your formal science curriculum that your children enjoy. A STEM education should incorporate solid math and science curriculum resources. The STEM activities for kids we list below can be used to help your children develop even more science confidence and knowledge.

The BIG List of STEM Activities For Kids

The motto here at The Homeschool Scientist is “taking the fear out of and putting the fun into homeschool science”. So, I am all about sharing fun STEM activities for kids that will get them excited about science and math.

Pin this post so you will have it to refer to again and again. There are activities here that will be great to supplement what you are studying or just to keep the kids busy, having fun, and learning at the same time. Enjoy!

Engineering and Building Related Activities and Challenges

Build a Big Wheel (Ferris Wheel) Challenge from TryEngineering

Make a Chair Lift Challenge

Build a raft out of cranberries from OnlyPassionateCuriosity

Testing Shapes When Constructing a Building from TeachEngineering

Make a Model of the Space Station Arm and Try to Hold Objects

Build a Catapult – from Teach Beside Me

Engineer a Toy Chute (ages preschool-middle school)  from Preschool Steam.

STEM activities for kids - straw rocket activity for kids testing Newton's Three Laws of Motion

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and Straw Rockets (with 12-page printable lesson with worksheets and rocket templates.)

100 Engineering Projects For Kids

Reverse Engineering Project

Build A Wind Car Engineering Challenge

Make Foil Boats Challenge from DiscoverE. This is so much fun! There is also a video to go with the foil boat challenge. Click here.

Make a Step Launcher from DiscoverE. Be sure to expand each section by clicking on the + sign. Here is the accompanying video

Build An Aircraft Engineering Challenge

Straw Rocket Engineering Challenge

Foil Boat Engineering Challenge

Paper Structures Engineering Challenge

Gumdrop Structures Engineering Challenge

Chemistry-Related STEM Activities for Kids

Chemistry is Colorful chromatography activity from the National Informal STEM Education Network

Polishing Pennies

Eggs, Vinegar, and Toothpaste Experiments

Make Unpoppable Bubbles from Hip Homeschool Moms

Sudsy Bubble Experiment

Individual STEM Activities for Kids

DIY Pulley Physics For Kids

Magnetic Paper Clip Trees STEM Challenge

Learn about nanotechnology with the Fizzy Nano Challenge (This is a PDF.)

Floating Paper Clip Challenge

Build a Straw Roller Coaster from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Make Geodesic Domes out of Paper (also a math activity) from Carnegie STEM Girls

Wrecking Ball Physics Lesson and Activity

STEM activities for kids - salt pendulum science activity

Salt Pendulum Activity

Make a paper plate maze from Raising Lifelong Learners

Fake Snow STEM Experiment

Binary Code Experiment for Kids from Only Passionate Curiosity

Circuit Maze STEM Activity

Water Strider STEM Activity

Make Carnival Games STEM Challenge

Build a Working Mini-Flashlight

Themed STEM Activities

20 Weather STEM Activities 

20 Edible STEM Activities 

20 Outer Space STEM Activities

20 Shark Activities For Kids

10 4th Of July STEM Activities 

Earth Day STEM Activities 

Christmas STEM Activities

10 Christmas Chemistry Activities

Christmas Lights STEM Activity

Gingerbread STEAM Activity

15 Pumpkin STEM Activities

Sand Learning Activities 

Valentine’s Day STEAM Activities

Thanksgiving STEM Activities

100 Summer Science Activities 

Other STEM Resources

10 Best STEM Apps For Kids

Exploring STEM Careers

Free STEM Resource for Parents and Teachers

Help your children get started in STEM, explore a STEM interest they have, or prepare for STEM after high school graduation with our STEM Guide for Parents.

Whether you have a teen who knows the STEM career they want to pursue or a child who loves video games and wants to learn to code, this STEM Guide has resources and articles to help you guide your child’s interests.

Visit our STEM Guide page to download your copy.

STEM activities for kids - STEM Guide for Parents

While it is obviously important that a good STEM education is based on quality math and science curriculum, the hands-on component is equally important. When kids are actively participating in a project or experiment, they are taking what they learned in a textbook and applying it to the real world.

They are testing theories, experiencing laws of nature, making decisions, and observing effects. This is where the real learning takes place. Subjects come alive. Kids get excited. Comprehension is increased. Kids learn how the scientific process works just by doing.

Ultimate List of STEM Activities For Kids

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