Your 2021-22 Smart Classroom Management Report Card

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your 2021-22 smart classroom management report card

Grading yourself post school year enables you to view your classroom management performance objectively.

It provides clarity and self-awareness.

It allows you to hone in on your weaknesses and reflect on how they can become strengths.

What follows is a report card based on the core principles of SCM. Give yourself a grade of A through F on each to the degree they were accomplished.

I think you’ll find the exercise helpful.


1. I consistently followed my classroom management plan ____

2. I enforced consequences calmly and objectively (like a referee) ____

3. I refrained from all forms of intimidation, including yelling, scolding, glaring, and lecturing ____

4. I built strong rapport with my class through my consistent kindness and pleasant personality ____

5. I praised my students only for work, effort, and performance that was truly worthy of it ____

6. I eschewed external rewards in favor of intrinsic motivation ____

7. I taught routines thoroughly and held my class accountable for performing them with excellence ____

8. I had a positive, influential relationship with my most challenging students ____

9. I was dependably able to get my class to listen attentively and follow my directions ____

10. I taught compelling lessons and then shifted responsibility over to my students ____

11. I allowed my class to work independently with the least amount of interference from me ____

12. I prepared efficiently and had ample time to spend with my family and the hobbies I enjoy ____

13. I experienced a minimal amount of stress throughout the school year ____

14. I had fun and enjoyed my students every day ____

15. I created a peaceful, happy classroom my students loved being part of ____


I recommend making a list of areas in most need of improvement. Make a heading of each on a separate sheet of paper or Word document.

Then, create a set of steps to turn them into strengths.

If you need help, use the Search box at top or the archive in the sidebar at right to access dozens of articles on each topic.

Break down your steps as small and simple as possible. Review them periodically over the summer, and then just prior to the new year, commit to following them.

Make a promise to yourself, come what may, and you’ll be a better, stronger teacher next year.

PSClick this link if you’d like a PDF copy of the report card.

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