How To Become A Better Teacher Instantly

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Just letting you know up front that this isn’t easy.

Every fiber of your body will scream “No, I can’t do it!”

But it works.

In fact, it can be transformational. It can be the one thing keeping you from becoming the teacher you want to be.

So what is it?

It’s to take responsibility for everything that happens in your classroom. Ownership. Duty. Blame. Onus. The buck stops with me. The whole nine.

Yes, students are responsible for their own behavior, wholly and completely. Yes, you may indeed have the worst principal in the world.

You may be at a grade level you dislike, work with people that get on your nerves, and feel as if administration dumps the most challenging students in your class every year.

You may be the most disadvantaged teacher on Earth.

Take responsibility anyway. For it all. It can be the best teaching decision you’ve ever made. As soon as you do it, as soon as you say, “It’s on me,” things will instantly begin to change.

You’ll feel more empowered. You’ll have a greater sense of control, which is a huge stress reliever.

You’ll stop complaining and being a victim. You’ll instead automatically look for solutions. Your disposition and character will also change.

No longer will you be defeated, shoulders rounded, downcast and beaten. You’ll be invigorated and free to do something about your circumstances. You’ll show your students through your actions how to act when things don’t go their way.

Your attitude alone—Bold, confident, direct, clear thinking—will come through loud and clear.

The change in you will change them.

You’ll also garner deep respect from your colleagues and administrator. Best of all, however, is that all those excuses you used to rely on disappear in the wind. You won’t even acknowledge them anymore.

–Especially as you begin to overcome them, as you recognize that they were holding you back.

Taking responsibility is leadership. Not many people are willing to do it because it’s hard and takes toughness. You have to stand on your own two feet, embrace uncertainty, and risk the fear of excellence.

But it will draw students and people to you like nothing else. It will give you more power and more influence than you ever thought possible.

So what are you waiting for?

Do it now before the start of a new school year. It’s a decision, nothing more. Go on. Walk to the edge. Close your eyes. And take the leap.

I’ll be waiting for you at the bottom.

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