Top 15 Accredited Online Accounting Degrees

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Choosing a degree can be a daunting task. But, if you’re interested in accounting, you’re making a wise decision. Accounting degrees are in high demand and there are many different options available to you.

This guide will outline the different types of online accounting degrees and what you can expect from each one.

These are the top 15 accredited Online accounting degrees…


15. Northeastern University

If you have an interest in finance as well as accounting, the Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting at Northeastern University may appeal to you.

Not only will you take courses in key accounting topics, such as auditing and taxation, but you will also study finance issues, such as financial reporting, strategic cost analysis, and capital management.

You will complete 163 quarter credits over four years of full-time study or seven years of part-time study; however, this is a second-entry program, meaning you will need to complete 48 credits of prerequisite courses before you apply to finish your degree in finance and accounting concentration.

While the AACSB accredited online accounting program price is $61,614, the on-campus degree offered at Northeastern University is a shocking $186,880 for out-of-state students.

14. Southern New Hampshire University

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Southern New Hampshire University has a low price ($38,400) and is a great value compared to their on-campus version of the equivalent degree ($123,024).

In 2016, US News & World Report ranked the university #1 in the “Most Innovative Schools” category for regional universities in the north.

Additionally, the university also offers a concentration in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination and a dual degree program for a Bachelor and Master of Science in Accounting.

You will take 120 credits to graduate, and courses are offered during nine-week terms throughout the year. You can take as many courses as you like each term, adjusting the workload to accommodate other commitments in your life.

13. University of Maryland University College

A great value choice to get both business and accounting education is the Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Management: Major in Accounting offered by the University of Maryland University College.

The degree costs $59,880 in both the online and on-campus formats for out-of-state students, which is on the higher end of the prices in our list, but you can expect to earn a salary in the $51,300-$86,300 range, which is above many on our list. The return on investment may make this degree a better value for you.

The degree comprises 120 credits and includes many hands-on experiential assignments that involve real-world data analysis.

Besides the university’s general education requirements, you will complete courses in various accounting areas and take the required courses to fulfill the mandatory minor in business administration.

You will be prepared to work in multiple sectors, including government, non-profit, and corporate accounting.

12. Clarion University

If you are looking for a part-time program with great value, Clarion University’s online accounting degree may be a good option.

The program is only offered on a part-time basis and requires 120 credits to graduate. The accounting concentration includes 24 credits in a variety of areas and the remainder of the required courses are either liberal arts or business foundations that help you acquire a holistic view of the business world.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for the next available start date. All online faculty have either a doctorate or a professional degree and have an average of six years of online teaching experience.

Online students enjoy a significant discount off the online accounting degree’s overall price, paying $50,760 compared to on-campus students who pay $68,400 for the same study program.

While the starting salary is lower than others on our list ($37,900), the mid-career salary is much more competitive ($81,000).

11. Bellevue University

If you are looking to specialize in taxation, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Bellevue University is worth a look.

You can complete the program with a major in accounting with or without a minor in Tax.

The university uses the Blackboard e-learning platform that allows you to access course materials at any time, study whenever it is convenient for you, and complete the curriculum at your own pace. Classes have a maximum of 24 students and an average of 14 students.

The program includes 127 credits, including 75 credits in the accounting major, which is quite substantial compared to many other programs.

Additionally, online faculty members have an impressive average of 14 years of experience teaching online, and almost all have either a doctorate or terminal professional degree.

One consideration is that online students pay more for their degrees at Bellevue University than on-campus students – $52,070 compared to $36,195. Salary ranges for this degree are from $44,400-$72,200.

10. City University of Seattle

The City University of Seattle has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Accounting that enables you to learn about many unique business areas, such as corporate risk, international finance, and supply chain management, while also concentrating on foundation accounting coursework.

The accounting degree costs $61,200 for both online and on-campus students and graduates report entry and mid-career salaries between $50,200-$80,400.

While the cost is higher than some programs on our list, the potential earnings range is also above average and may offer a greater return on your investment over time.

The university uses a quarter calendar, and the degree includes 180 quarter credits, including 25 accounting credits.

Faculty have an average of seven years of online teaching experience, and most have either a doctoral degree or a terminal degree. The business administration degree is by far the university’s most popular online degree choice, accounting for 66% of all online students.

9. Old Dominion University

The Strome College of Business at Old Dominion University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree for only $42,600 for online students.

This is an excellent price given attending a similar program as an out-of-state student could cost up to $106,920. The majority of faculty that teach Old Dominion online courses have a doctorate or terminal degree and also teach on-campus courses and students.

The degree includes 120 credits, but it is possible to transfer up to 90 credits from another school because it is a degree completion program.

Therefore, you are expected to complete many general education requirements first before applying to complete your online accounting degree. If you have an associate’s degree, many credits will likely transfer to Old Dominion.

If you are admitted to the online accounting degree program, you can also combine the accounting major with either a second major or a minor from subjects across the university. Old Dominion accounting graduates earn an average salary of between $44,900-$79,400.

8. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting degree that offers an in-depth learning experience in accounting.

Unlike business administration degrees with concentrations in accounting, this online accounting degree does not require you to take foundational courses in other business areas.

Instead, you will progress through foundational accounting courses and business courses related to accounting into advanced accounting courses by the final year of study.

You will take 120 credits to graduate, including 36 credits in introductory accounting and economics, 27 credits in intermediate and advanced economies, and electives in liberal arts and religious studies that reflect the university’s Christian worldview.

Courses are offered in eight-week blocks during six terms throughout the year. Your course instructors have an average of 11 years of online teaching experience, and all have either a doctorate or terminal degree in their field.

Online students save over $25,000 compared to on-campus students as the online tuition is $56,400 compared to $83,040 on-campus. The salary range for early- and mid-career graduates is between $39,900-$67,800.

7. Auburn University

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in business and are looking to gain more knowledge about accounting, Auburn University’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting is worth considering.

This is a second-degree program that takes only 30 credits to complete and costs $23,250. The degree is only offered part-time and therefore takes a minimum of five semesters to complete.

It is currently only open to US citizens with an AACSB-accredited bachelor’s degree from a US institution to ensure all students have the necessary prerequisites.

Lectures are streamed live and also posted afterward. This makes it easy to interact with your class or complete the work at your own pace, depending on your schedule. The content and resources in the online program are the same as in the on-campus program.

By specializing in accounting through this degree, you may be able to earn between $50,300-$93,000. It may be worth comparing your current salary prospects to determine if this program has an acceptable return on investment for you.

6. Southern Illinois University Carbondale

The Southern Illinois University (SIU) Carbondale College of Business Bachelor of Science in Accounting online is a second-entry program that enables you to complete the first two years of full-time study either online or through a local community college and then apply to complete your degree online through the accounting program.

The accounting portion of the program can be completed in as little as 18 months, depending on your course load and whether you plan to sit for the CPA exam.

If you complete your entire degree, comprising 120 credits, through SIU Carbondale, it will cost $62,100, which is significantly less than an on-campus version of the degree for $117,000.

However, it may be even less expensive to complete your prerequisites elsewhere and apply for transfer credit. The accounting program includes 60 credits offered in eight-week blocks, and you can study either full-time or part-time throughout the year.

The majority of accounting faculty members have either a Ph.D. or an accounting certification and work experience. The degree offers a salary range of $47,800-$78,700.

5. University of Alabama – Birmingham

The University of Alabama – Birmingham Collat School of Business offers the same Bachelor of Science in Accounting online as it does on-campus; however, the online degree costs $68,880, which is much lower than the on-campus cost ($102,240) for out-of-state students.

The program courses are designed by certified instructional designers at the university and 90% of the Collat School of Business faculty have a Ph.D.

All students complete a capstone project and an audit project to link their education to real-world problems, which is a unique feature that makes the cost of the project a great value overall.

The degree requires 120 credits to graduate and will take four years to complete if you plan to study full-time, although up to 60 transfer credits can be awarded.

You will learn about many different accounting areas in this program and be well-prepared to work in different industry settings or continue your education through a master’s degree. The salary range for graduates in early- and mid-career positions is between $43,900-$75,500.

4. Colorado State University-Global Campus

The Colorado State University-Global Campus online accounting degree is the least expensive full degree program in the top ten of our list with a price of $42,000. It is designed for adult learners that have other commitments outside of school and need maximum flexibility.

Seventeen accounting credits are included in the 120-credit curriculum and you can also add a specialization in one of 18 different areas, including business administration, organizational leadership, and small business and entrepreneurship.

The online classes are asynchronous to work on your accounting degree whenever you like and conveniently access your course materials.

Classes are offered in eight-week blocks throughout the year, allowing you to adjust your course load as needed.

New classes start each month, making it easy to meet the graduation requirements as fast as possible. As a graduate, you can look forward to a salary range of $47,700-$83,400.

3. Washington State University

Our number three program is the Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Washington State University. The degree costs $56,880, which is the least expensive of our top three choices but also has a slightly lower reported salary range of the three, between $50,700-$90,400.

The online accounting degree focuses on innovation in business and accounting to make sure you learn about the latest technologies and issues facing professional accountants today.

All students must meet the University Common Requirements, including liberal arts and science courses, and complete 24 credits in advanced accounting.

In this program, you will learn about many critical accounting areas, such as taxation, auditing, and financial statements, and be prepared to work in non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organizations.

In 2016, US News & World Report ranked the university’s online bachelor programs in a tie for 34th place in the country and 21% of all online students majoring in accounting; however, the average class size was 40 students higher than other programs on our list.

2. Temple University

Both of our top two programs are based in Philadelphia. Temple University’s Fox School of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting degree with a great international reputation.

In 2016, US News & World Report ranked the university’s online bachelor’s programs #6 in the country and the online MBA was ranked #1.

However, this reputation comes with a large price tag of $92,496 which is the same for in-state or out-of-state students.

1. Pennsylvania State University

Our top best-value online accounting program is the Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Penn State World Campus, which was ranked in a tie for 1st place for undergraduate online programs by US News & World Report in 2016.

With such a prestigious rating, the online degree price of $69,480 may be a good value if you are looking for an internationally-recognized qualification. This price is also good value compared to the equivalent on-campus program which costs $101,620.

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