Top 20 Safari Extensions For Bloggers In 2022

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Top 20 Safari Extensions For Bloggers And Programmers.

One of the factors bloggers consider when deciding between Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox is the availability of extensions.

It is true that google chrome offers a whole lot of features and browser extensions for bloggers and programmers. Despite this, chrome is so power-hungry. It drains the battery and affects MacBook’s performance.

Safari on the other hand is CPU friendly, pretty fast, and 100% optimized for apple MacBooks. If you care about performance and battery life, then safari is the best browser for apple laptops.

The extensions below will be useful while you are using the Apple Safari browser.



Grammarly is a popular Safari extension that detects your grammatical mistakes on the fly.

Whether you are typing a new email or writing a blog post or bickering on social media, Grammarly will make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in your write-up.

Hover for Safari

Hover is a nifty little extension that allows users to hover over any image, video, or link and see a preview of the content.

I use this extension a lot when I am on YouTube as it helps me preview a video before I play it. It saves me a ton of time because I don’t have to go back and forth to see if a video is worth my time or not.

Evernote Web Clipper 

Have you ever seen something on the web that you wanted to save for later — only to close the tab and later forget where you found it and what exactly it told you? All you can remember is that it was funny or resourceful or perfect for whatever you eventually needed it for.

Well, this extension is for you. Developed by Evernote, the Evernote Web Clipper lets you save entire web pages or articles, including all text, links, and images.

It works directly with your Evernote account, which means you can go back and read what you saved from any device where you have Evernote installed.


NewsGuard is a free Safari extension that adds red and green ratings and labels to websites to show us if they are trustworthy or not.

NewsGuard has a team of journalists and analysts who do thorough research and give trust scores to all news websites. It’s a tool that you should keep in your ar

URL Linker for Safari

URL Linker for Safari is an extension for a super-niche audience who prefer to write their text in markdown.

What it does is it allows you to copy a website link in the format of your choice. You can copy the link in markdown format for pasting in writing apps.

CSS Scan

CSS Scan is the fastest and easiest way to check, copy, and edit CSS.

It makes copying CSS and HTML code way easier, and it works on any website.

With it, you can check the CSS of any element you hover over, instantly, and copy its entire rules with a single click.


If you need to track your freelance time, Everhour might be a great addition to your Safari.

It automatically integrates with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira, and more.

You can quickly access your tracking history, start a timer for recent tasks, or find task details without opening the website.


If you’re constantly forgetting your passwords or simply want to have stronger ones, 1Password is the easiest way to do it. It works like magic.

1Password automatically generates and stores strong passwords for you when signing up on websites.

Login everywhere, across all your devices, with a single click.


Ever wish you could skip having to download something onto your computer only to want it moved to Dropbox? You can save a step and bandwidth with Horsey.

Built by Rahul Iyer, Horsey lets you download almost any file directly to your Dropbox without having to download it to your computer first, saving you time.

Punchtime for Trello

If you’re in business or marketing and don’t use Trello — you should. It can also be a great tool for students working on a class project together.

Trello is a very easy-to-use tool for making notes on what needs to get done and who should do it. It’s like a team post-it-note board on steroids.

It keeps you organized and on task with fellow coworkers or classmates, and lets your team stay in the know with what everyone is working on.

With Lunchtime for Trello, developed by Perceptor, you can also track time from within your Trello board and use timers while you work. It’s a great way to help you stay on task and know how much time projects are taking to complete.


Sometimes you find something awesome on the web but don’t have the time, at that moment, to read or watch it. Enter Instapaper.

It lets you save interesting articles or videos from around the web to view later. And the content you save to Instapaper automatically syncs between all of your devices, so you can view it anywhere, even without an Internet connection.


Need some extra motivation to get a project done? Want to be inspired every time you open a new Safari tab?

Momentum helps you stay on task throughout the day with the Momentum tab homepage replacement. It’ll get you motivated and set your focus for the day, providing an inspiring reminder of what you need to accomplish.

Website Opener

Website Opener, created by Jakob Svensson, is a Safari extension that allows you to open all your favorite web pages, each in a new tab, with only one click.

All you have to do is add the pages you want to open, and then just click on the icon for the extension (the black star). It’s perfect if you open the same web pages every day.


With PanicButton, developed by Thomas Greiner, you can easily hide all your open tabs by clicking a toolbar button.

You can also use a customizable keyboard shortcut, and select a ‘safe page’ to appear when your tabs are hidden. Boom. Job saved.


Feedly is incredibly popular. Built for productive people, Feedly is a fast and stylish way to read and share content on your favorite sites and services. It provides seamless integration with Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, YouTube, and Amazon.


WhatFont is a simple but handy extension to find out which fonts a website is using.

Just hover over a text, and it will give you the name of the font that’s being used, and other typography settings.

Ad blocker: Adblock Plus

No one likes obtrusive ads when trying to read an interesting article online. Adblock Plus makes it simple to block ads and track ads that bug you, while “safelisting” websites that you want to see all the ads for.

Adblock Plus takes a responsible approach to ads with an option allowing for “acceptable ads,” appreciating that website owners still need to generate revenue, while saving you the hassle of the worst kind of adverts.

Time Tracker: WasteNoTime

When you’re trying to be productive, you don’t need distractions. WasteNoTime allows you to block certain sites and links so that you aren’t distracted by viewing them.

Just right-click a link and choose to add it to your block list to avoid the temptation. It also has a tracker which shows how much time you’ve spent on different sites, so you know exactly where the problem is. 

Dark Mode for Safari

While many websites have incorporated a dark mode view (including ours), there are thousands of websites that do not support dark mode.

The Dark Mode extension for Safari forces the content to appear in dark mode. It is useful when browsing the web at night as it makes the reading experience more pleasing to the eyes. for Safari

Safari’s bookmarking ability is adequate but it’s not enough for pro users. If you are someone who creates tons of bookmarks and needs an easy way to store and organize them, you should use for Safari.

It’s an excellent bookmark manager which helps you collect articles, photos, and videos from the web and organize them into folders and sub-folders.

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